Womens Boutiques in Brisbane

Womens Boutiques in Brisbane

Do any of you, like us, love finding unique womens boutiques here in Brisbane in out of the way places.

Well you know we have the low down on where to go as always 🙂

We have three that we wanted to let you know about, and yes you are correct it’s Chrissy who found all these gems. She just has this amazing nose for finding these treasure troves.

We always love finding clothes a little different from those you find in the main chain stores with colour and design to make you smile.

Style Me Luxe

So first up we have Style Me Luxe  



This awesome boutique is over in Stafford heights in a small row of shops that you would never guess housed this gorgeous shop. These guys change stock on a pretty regular basis so if you like something, get it now as it won’t be there when you go back next week. I have a stunning Kimono I got from here and have just worn in and worn it and always get compliments.

They also have an online store, and if you are a social media follower they are really good on Instagram and FB. Where you can follow their ever changing stock and then order it from the comfort of your own sofa ( now thats some dangerous shopping right there !! 🙂 🙂 ). I have ordered several items online which arrive within a couple of days and have worked our brilliantly. They are really good at letting you know how true the size fits as well , which is so useful when you’re not able to try it on.

Dressed at Windsor

Another absolute find is Dressed at Windsor




These guys are over on Newmarket road over in Windsor. I have two gorgeous tops in my wardrobe from these guys at the moment which I just love. They have less stock than Style Me Luxe, but what they do have is really good and I always seem to find something to fall in love with.

These guys aren’t on line but there is a yummy coffee shop just around the corner from them so we can let them off as it turns a good morning into a great morning. Clothes and coffee what is not to love.

Blue Bungalow

And last but by no means least is Blue Bungalow

Blue Bungalow is in an out of the way street in Newstead and unless you knew it was there you would never find it. Now this is a big store with a lot of stock so know that you will be in there for quite some time. So take snacks 🙂 🙂

You will be be able to find just about anything in here and it’s all stunning ! These guys have a major online business, which will actually help you put an outfit together and even offer different looks for different shapes and sizes ! how good is that. So if you are a sofa shopper these guys will most definitely suit you.

OK well that should keep you all busy for a little while. Enjoy some happy retail therapy




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