Wivenhoe Dam

When the weather gets hot we all start looking for cool places to go and enjoy this amazing place we live.

We already mentioned how much we Joy girls love going as a family for boat days, out to some of our amazing dams here in Queensland . But we wanted to share with you about the glorious day we had today out at Wivenhoe dam for our gorgeous Chrissy’s birthday .

It was a scorcher of a day, up to 36. So we headed off early before the sun got too out of control. We loaded up with kids, water and snacks, blow up boats and kayaks. Not forgetting a gallon of sunscreen and rashies for all.

It takes about 45mins from the western suburbs of Brisbane and we pass the awesome Fernvale bakery on the way. So we stopped in and they made us up the most amazing ham and salad sandwiches, which was perfect and meant lunch was sorted.

There are designated areas all around the dam, so you know where you can swim, fish or put a boat in ( power boats are not allowed at Wivenhoe so check out on their website )

Billies Bay is the closest designated swimming area for us in the western suburbs but have a look if you are coming from another direction

We found ourselves a little spot in the shade and set ourselves up for the day. Lathering on bucket loads of sunscreen, putting hats and rashies on ourselves and the kids, before they ran off as fast as they could down to the waters edge, and jumped straight in.

We 3 then sat back with our coffees in hand, to sit, chat and laugh as we do so well 🙂 and yes as it heated up we did all jump into that glorious water, it was just calling our names 🙂

All the public areas around the dam have been done so well, with picnic tables, BBQ’s and toilets it truly is a glorious place to spend a day. With happy kids just needing regular food and water supplies, as they had true adventures with sticks, mud, and friends, and not a stinger or shark in sight !! 🙂  Its a perfect way for everyone to just sit back and relax.

Further around the dam there is the most gorgeous little cafe at Comorant Bay which is nestled in one of the larger public areas around the dam, which also has a playground.

These guys are open from Wednesday – Sunday each week for breakfast and lunch and the views are just breathtaking ! as you sit back, breath deep and relax,  the rest of the world seems a million miles away. There is a real old worldly charm about this place and the people who work here are so helpful and friendly it almost feels as if you’ve popped into a friends for coffee.

So if you find yourself with a day to play then put Wivenhoe Dam on your list of places to visit


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