Which Rubbish Bin is Which? in Brisbane.

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You have just arrived, unpacked your house and feel like you have it all sorted. Then you go to the rubbish bin and realise you have filled it and now have no idea when the bin will be collected, what goes in what bin and in actual fact where is the Tip, Dump, Garbage dump, Transfer Station, Refuse Site, Waste Station etc.

So we thought we would give you the run down on how it works here. Your bins are called Wheelie bins and there are three different ones available. Any bin with a red lid and green body, grey lid with a grey body or dark green lid with a dark green body are for general waste, yellow lids are for all your recycling and the bright green lids are for your green waste.

General waste bins and recycling bins are always on your property. If you would like a greenwaste bin you need to contact your local city council. They will arrange delivery of the bin for you and in Brisbane there will be a one off establishment fee of $30 and then you are charged $19.09 per quarter on your rates bill. Also if you would like a larger recycling bin they available as well, just contact the council and there is also a one off establishment fee of $30 for these bins.

General waste bins are collected every week and the recycle and greenwaste bins are collected on alternate weeks to each other. There are a couple of great APPS you can use that will help you know which bins are collected when. For Brisbane it is called Brisbane Bin and Recycling  and for Ipswich it is the Ipswich Bin App, Moreton Bay is MBRC, so download them and you will never be at a loss again as to when that bin has to go out.

I am totally using it now as I am always waiting to see what bin my neighbour puts out. The Brisbane Bin and recycling APP also has a lot of useful information on there that just about answers every question you might have about Garbage collection.

If you have an issue with your bin, i.e the lid is broken or the bin itself is cracked etc, then all you need to do is hop onto the council website and log a job and they then will almost the next day be out to replace or fix your bin for you.

Once a year the council will do a kerbside hard collection. So anything that you need to get rid off and doesn’t fit in your bin you leave it out the front of your house and they will come and collect it for you. Please note however green waste is not included. You can get online to the Brisbane council site to find the dates for these collections and the council will also pop a note in the mailbox when one is coming up.

Once a year you will receive general waste and recycling vouchers as well as green waste tip vouchers with your rates. Keep these and they allow you entry to the tip for free. Each voucher covers up to 100 kilos of waste and you can use several vouchers at once, if you don’t have any vouchers you will be charged a fee based on the weight of you load. These vouchers are valid from 1 July – 31 August of the following year.

Here are the links for transfer stations around Brisbane. Just click the link for the region that you live in. These link will provide you with opening and closing times, locations, what can be dumped, plus plenty of other useful information:

Brisbane City Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council, this also covers the Pine Rivers area.


Redland Bay

Please note you need to be a resident in some areas and will to show ID to be able to access the transfer station.

Please as usual let us know if there is anything we have missed or any other usefil tips, apps or websites you knnow off.


The Joy Girls xx

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