What’s for Tea -Easy Fruit Sorbet and Smoothies

Dear Joy Readers

Here is a great little tip for a quick snack for the kids after school that will keep them going until dinner and get them through all that homework.

What we do at home is when any of our fruit is looking a little ripe I will cut it up and freeze it in small containers ready for smoothies or if I have bananas I just throw them in the freezer skin and all, then I have them for smoothies, sorbet or even cakes and muffins. I freeze everything mangoes, rockmelon, watermelon, bananas and berries.

Then you can just pull them out and pop them in a blender frozen with some milk, yoghurt, coconut water or even a little bit of ice cream and whiz them up. The frozen fruit make them nice and thick and cold. You can add all sorts of extras to make your smoothie a healthy power house things such as

. 1/2 an avocado

. a cup of spinach ( sounds gross but you don’t taste it honestly 🙂 )

. a cup of kale

. a tablespoon of linseed or almond meal

. a table spoon of chia seeds

and the list goes on

I also use the frozen fruit to make sorbet in my thermomix mix. Don’t despair if you don’t have a thermomix you can still create some pretty great sorbets in a blender.

Just pop in your frozen fruit, some crushed ice (you don’t need too much ice if your fruit is frozen, use extra if the fruit is fresh) and an egg white and a little bit of sugar if you want it and then whizz it all up until it is light and fluffy, the kids will love it.

The Joy Girls xx

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