Turtle Hatching at Mon Repos QLD

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I know we write a lot of blogs about things to do and see but this is one of those ones that has to go on your must do lists. We had spoken about going to watch the turtles hatch for years and it wasn’t until one of our beautiful Joy ladies Anne who had been, convinced me and I went home and booked it straight away.

Mon Repos is about 15 mins out of Bagarra which is very close to Bundaberg which is about a 5 hour drive north of Brisbane.

Now the viewing times are November to April. They start laying in November and then in January they start hatching and there are also still mothers laying eggs in January. Our eldest daughter went with her grandparents in November to see the turtles lay and was fortunate enough to help move one of the clutches of eggs further up the beach to keep it safe from bad weather.

We then went up in January and got to see the little hatchlings and were fortunate enough to see a mother making her way back to the ocean after laying her eggs. The experience was amazing.


To enjoy this experience and book an encounter click here and it will take to the website to book your visit. The tours start at 6.30 at night and you are placed in groups which are then taken down to the beach by the guides who do an amazing job. The group number you are in depends on when you booked online. If you are in one of the later groups don’t worry as they have plenty of information at the conservation centre and the Rangers give a talk giving you so much information on these amazing creatures. They also do a junior ranger talk for all the kids which your kids will love.

Giant See Turtle adult-turtle

Make sure you take aerogard, jumpers and a rainproof jacket (which also comes in handy on windy nights) just in case and a little backpack to put all your things in when go go down to the beach. You can also take cameras and the Rangers will let you know when it is ok to take photos. If you have a small torch put that in your bag and you may get the chance to use your torch to help guide the little hatchlings back to the ocean. There is a food van there that sells snacks, tea, coffee and milo and the prices were very reasonable. I did see that he also stocked ponchos so don’t panic if you get there and you have forgotten a rain coat.

There are plenty of places to stay and we opted for Bargarra which is right on the beach which the kids loved as we could walk across to the beach which has an area if the kids want to swim in the waves or there is a rock pool with no waves.

So if you are thinking of something a little different to do please head up to Bundaberg and see these beautiful animals and of course the money that is charged for the tours goes directly to the conservation centre to help make sure these amazing creatures continue to survive.


The Joy Girls xx

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