Treetop challenge at Thunderbird Park Mt Tambourine

Hello Joy peeps, so just wanted to let you know about Treetop challenge at Mt Tambourine which is awesome fun ๐Ÿ™‚

So we had a birthday party for a 10 year old, and for those of you with 10year old boys, you’ll know that physical exercise if the best way to deal with a car full of them.

So we loaded up the car with birthday cake, a big esky of water and 6 very excited boys and off we set.

The TreeTop challenge at Mt Tambourine is part of Thunderbird park and is a high ropes course through the trees up there.

Thunderbird Park has loads going on with mini golf, laser sqirmish, horse riding as well as ย big camp ground and onsite restaurant

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I had called ahead to book a party, but in hind site this didn’t actually make any difference as when you arrive everyone has to sign in anyway, and you still just line up with everyone else.

After signing in and paying up and checking the boys height, we were all fitted with a harness, helmet and gloves, and watched a safety teaching video before all having a practice of using the clips and harness.

We then were let lose on the course! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok so this is where I would not recommend this for anyone younger than 10 as we had, 6 intrepid fearless 10yr boys, 1 fearless super dad, 1 actually not quite so brave mum and 1 super awesome big sister. And between us it was hard !!

This course is super fun, but it actually pushed all the boys to the max and some of them had to dig deep into their courage tanks to finish the course, but finish it they all did with great whoops of triumph and joy which was awesome !! We completed a green course and a red course. Green being the easiest and red the next one up. The red definitely was a push for some and it is quite complicated to start off with all the clips etc .

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You are extremely safe at all times which is great ๐Ÿ™‚ oh yes believe me, there were a few moments there when I nearly lost it all, but you really are secure in your harness !!

There was a blue course which is the most difficult, but we stopped after the red as we knew the limits of our group, but we’ll be back in the future to tackle that blue course.

The boys had a fantastic time, they really did ! and to see them encourage each other and help each other out was brilliant as well as seeing them dig deep and come out on top really having achieved something.

We then all tucked into pizza ( from the restaurant) ย and cake and declared this one very successful party ๐Ÿ™‚


A couple of top tips would be –

.Make sure you have enough big people to help the younger ones as the staff don’t actually climb the course with you although they are around on the ground.

.Make sure you wear trainers/sneakers and clothes that are suitable for tree climbing.

.Leave all your valuables in the car as there is no where to carry them with you, the office do rent out lockers but cheaper just to leave things in the car.

.The harness does have a water bottle holder, but this will only fit a very slim bottle such a the plastic disposable ones.

.Don’t book a party as there is no advantage what so ever that I found .

But overall a fantastic time


The Joy Girls xx


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