Top Tips for writing a Resume in the Digital First world

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Top Tips for Writing a Resume in the Digital First World

I recently worked with a client who came to me to say that their resume used to work for them, but now they are not even getting an interview.

After talking to the client, a quick Google search located her LinkedIn profile. Her LinkedIn profile was search engine optimised with strong positioning and presented her well. When I got her resume, it was another story: it was a traditional list of tasks and responsibilities that was quite different from the first, positive impression I got from her Google search results.

William Arruda recently wrote an article for Forbes that stated: “The resume used to be the tool that would get you noticed. Now, by the time someone has seen your resume, they’ve already Googled you.” In Ctrl Alt Delete, Mitch Joel introduces “digital first”: the concept that the first place we learn about people is online.

This means that no matter what industry you are in, when writing a resume in the digital first world, you need to be aware that before someone has even read your resume, they have likely reviewed your LinkedIn profile and Google search results. Here are my top tips to writing your resume in a digital first world.

Maintain authenticity and consistency: The goal is to ensure seamless alignment and progression through the recruitment process. Whether you are an HR officer looking to apply for an HR manager role, a financial controller looking at a chief financial officer role, or an operations manager looking to move into a general manager’s role, the same applies – focus your resume on where you are looking to go moving forward.

The resume needs to communicate the key value proposition clearly, quickly and succinctly.  It’s a bit like telling a recruiter how great you are at financial reporting when the role is focused on strategic leadership. You are not meeting their needs clearly enough. By applying this approach, you are validating what the recruiter knows about you from your LinkedIn and Google searches.

Show that you can do the job with results and achievements that add value:  Rich content is based on strong, outcomes-focused statements. If a recruiter has searched for you before seeing your resume, they already know what skills you have. The resume is the opportunity to provide evidence of your skills using measureable results and outcomes.    

A lot of clients I see strive to take the next step in their careers, and they most often have the skills, attributes and attitude required. By focusing on writing their resume to meet the needs of the digital first world, they can seamlessly take the next step in their exciting career.

Kylie Chown is a Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), LinkedIn profile writer and consultant with more than 10 years of experience. Her expertise lies in working with clients to ignite their career and elevate their online and offline presence. For more information, please see

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