Top tips for Job Seekers arriving in Australia

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Today we have our beautiful friend Kylie with some invaluable advise for job hunting here in Australia. Some of you will have already benefitted from her expertise 🙂

Over to you Kylie

I recently worked with a client who had moved to Australia from the UK. He had brought his family to Australia to enjoy a life of sunshine and adventures.  When he contacted me he had been in Australia for a couple of months and was struggling to find a job. In the UK he held a role with a major business where not long after he started, he was promoted to an executive role.

Even though he had applied for lots of roles in Australia, he hadn’t even had one interview. His adventures were not turning out as planned!  One of the determining factors to getting a job was his Resume.  The feedback I had given him was similar to what I would generally see in this situation. This includes:

Become aware of the Australian format and create your document to target your ideal role. This includes no personal details (photo, date of birth etc) and make sure your document is achievement based and outcomes focussed.

Have a clear goal – the client I worked with had a short and long-term goal that allowed us to target his approach.

Understand the role of ATS (application tracking systems). ATS is software used to search applications in databases so make sure your content is keyword rich.

Review your past job titles to align with the Australian market. The client I worked with had a job title in the UK that was not used in Australia. By changing his job title, recruiters could easily identify what he had done in the past.

As well as job titles, review your document for other words, terms or phases that recruiters may not be familiar with. If you are not sure, review position advertisements on online job boards to familiarise yourself with these words.

Become aware of the process, for example government roles have very specific requirements.

As well as your Resume, a great tool for supporting your job search is LinkedIn. You can use your profile to develop your Australian network, be found for your ideal role, to connect with recruiters and other professionals. Other tools like gives you the opportunity to join networking events in a face to face capacity.

By employing these strategies, the client I was working with secured a position where his previous achievements were valued and his skills fully utilised.


Kylie Chown is a Consultant with more than 10 years of experience helping people ignite their career, elevate their on and off line presence and achieve their professional goals. She does this by providing expert writing services, optimising LinkedIn profiles and delivering coaching.

Thank you so much Kylie, we’re so grateful! Do get in touch with Kylie she is brilliant ! as well as being awesome 🙂


The Joy girls xx

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