Tips on Surviving the Australian Sun

Dear Joy Readers,

We are so blessed to live in Queensland the sunshine state but with this comes the potential for sunburn and nasty skin cancers, so here at the Joy Project we have a few tips on how to survive the Australian Sun.

1. Always wear a hat.
2. Use plenty of sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours, and make sure you use a high protection factor !!
3. Carry plenty of water.
4. Wear sunglasses.
5. Find shade whenever possible.

It can get really hot in Queensland in the Summer and these tips are not only important but can be life saving. We have found that people totally underestimate how hot the sun is here and how quickly you can get burnt.

Teach your kiddies how to be sun safe as well, always apply sunscreen before they head off to school and even pack a little roll on they can reapply at lunch time, especially if they are doing sports outside.

Invest in a good rashie, or sun top. You’ll find that most Aussie’s do actually own one of these and wear them, for those beach days as they know how harsh the sun actually is. Whereas you’ll see the holiday makers without them burning up. Also your kiddies will grow up wearing them and it will become a great habit for them to have.

Never leave your pets in the car in the heat ! and if outside make sure they have access to plenty of water.

Sarah here 🙂 and yes the sun is totally different here to anywhere else and you will burn so quickly even if you think you have beautiful skin that just tans, you will find that here that tan is actually a blistering burn in a very short space of time!! 

For more information on skin cancer and getting skin cancer checks please check out Sarah’s fabulous blog.  Also look at the  cancer council website for more information.


The Joy Girls xx

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