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So you have just relocated to Brisbane and have found a house with a fabulous pool and now you start wondering where can the kids learn to swim? Well here are a few swim schools in the area that might interest you.

Shapland Swim Schools – Shaplands are located all around Brisbane. The one we go to is at Sinnamon Park and we have been coming here for the last ten years. Shaplands run 20 minute classes with only three children per class. Shaplands run all year round with a small break over Christmas and Easter and they have an extended break over winter for maintenence every year. Shaplands pool is heated all year round and they have air-conditioned change rooms which is an abdolute blessing in the cooler months. There is a viewing room which has plenty of toys and books to keep other little ones busy while you can watch the lessons. They have a policy that if you give them 24 hours notice of an abscence you are entitled to a make-up lesson. They also have discounts for subsequent siblings that swim and always do their best at trying to get siblings swimming at similar times. They do have mini sqaud that starts in September and coincides with a lot of the swimming clubs.


Rackley Swimming is another swim school you will find with 15 locations all over the city and SE QLD . One of their big ones is the City Aquatics Centre just off of Gregory Terrace in the city. With these guys they have lessons for little ones as young as 2 months old. As with most lessons around they only use heated pools so you can go all year round and they take littles one all the way through to squad level.

The Jindalee Pool  Also offer lessons, they have a swimming club in terms 1 and 4 of the school year on a Friday night which our kids have participated in for the last few years. If your child is keen on doing swimming club they can also participate in the swimming squad which is run after school. Now back to the learn to swim lessons. You can book in for a ten week block to coincide with a school term but this is classed as a casual booking and with it the cost is a bit higher and you are unable to get make-up lessons.

However if you are wanting to have the kids swim all year round then you are better off going with a permanent booking which runs from January – June and then July – December. With this you get cheaper lessons and discounts when there is more than one swimmer in the family as well as makeup lessons, which lets face it you always need as kids get sick and of course if you want to go away on holidays.  Now there are 4 children per class and the lessons run for 30 minutes.Jindalee

Westside Swimming is located just behind the genesis gym at Jindalee. Westside is great if you only want the kids to swim in school terms. They run all their lessons for the duration of a school term and are closed for all public holidays. Lessons run for 30 minutes and there are only 4 children per class. They start from babies (4-6 months old) and go up to stroke correction for the upper primary group. The stroke correciton groups have 8 children per class and run up to 45 minutes per lesson. They don’t as such offer discounts for subsequent siblings but have a family favour pack which gives you up to 6 lessons per week and works out to be fantastic value.


Happy Swimming lovelies


The Joy Girls xx

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  • 3 fabulous swim schools! We love visiting the pool at Jindalee. Great facilities and especially for the little ones, the toddlers area is fantastic and one of the best in Brisbane in my opinion. Julia 🙂

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