Sweet Potato Mash and Sausages

So this is a very simple way of getting the good stuff in with good old sausages

I love sweet potatoes and they are so good for you 🙂 , as you can read here on this link   I also love to add turmeric into meals as its another awesome ingredient full of amazing health benefits, which you can read all about from the awesome guys over at Health Ambition,  But how do we get them into our families and kiddies whilst making it taste great ?

Heres one way my whole family will eat them 🙂

1-2 x sweet potatoes peeled and grated

4-5 garlic gloves crushed and diced

turmeric root peeled and finely grated ( its up to you how much you want to add I will usually with 1/3 of a medium size root )

2x handfuls of spinach lightly chopped

1 -2 tablespoon of coconut oil

Black pepper

Your favourite sausages





.Cook the sausages

.Saute the garlic and turmeric in the coconut oil, in a large deep frying pan.

.Grind in 1 teaspoon of black pepper.

.Regularly turn over the sweet potato in the pan so it doesn’t stick

.Cook for 15-20mins

.Just before you serve add in the spinach and stir through

.Place onto a dish and add your sausages


Now enjoy


The Joy Girls xx





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