Snakes in Australia

Hey lovelies

So how many of you have freaked out about the snakes in Australia?

I know when we 1st arrived I was expecting to see a man eating snake every time I blinked , my knowledge around the whole snake issue was non- existent apart from all the scary TV shows .

So we thought we could give you a basic Joy overview of snakes and what to do if you come across one, and who better to explain than one of our very own beautiful Aussie’s 🙂 so over to you Chrissy

OK well being an Aussie chick who has grown up in the bush I must say I don’t really think twice about the local snake population, but I can assure anyone new to Australia that most snakes are not going to look for you. So you have to look out for them, and if you come across a snake in you pathway very carefully and very slowly take 5 steps back.

Do not run, or scream and act like a big girl . 

( or if you’re like me Sarah don’t shoo it away with a baking tray !!!! thats a story for another day 😉 )

Snakes are deaf, so screaming does not help. Most snakes are very happy to be out of our way and will only become aggressive if they feel they are threatened. They feel the vibrations in the ground so stomping your feet works much better than loud noise, so when walking stay away from long grasses, bush and rocks where they like to hide and stomp those feet. Wearing long pants and boots is worth while as well as most bites occur on legs and ankles.

If you would like more information about the snakes of South-East Queensland the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection website has loads of information.

Now don’t panic, there are a lot of venomous snakes on there and I can assure you, you will not see them all on the same day.  I have seen here in leafy Fig Tree Pocket, the following snakes in the last 10 years,

a yellow-faced whip snake,

a carpet python,

a tree python

and a brown snake.

These snakes have generally been sunning themselves on my lovely rocks out the front of my house or on the tiles around the pool area. I generally leave them alone and watch from a distance where they are off too.

If you need a call the snake guys to remove a snake from your property then give Janne and Zac a call on 0456880903  it doesn’t matter how many snakes they find they only charge the one fee. We have used them and they were at our house in ten minutes and the snake was gone.

If  someone is bitten, then first aid is very important and we’ve copied below a quick list to help, make sure you check out the Queensland Health site and make sure you call 000 here in Brisbane.

DO NOT wash the bite site  

DO NOT attempt to cut the venom out of the limb

DO NOT attempt to suck the venom out of the limb

DO NOT apply a tourniquet to the limb

DO NOT move the person unless in immediate danger

DO NOT try to catch and identify the snake

These are some of the things TO DO if someone is bitten, 

Stop lymphatic spread – bandage firmly, splint and immobilise! -This is the current recommended technique

Which basically means –

Application of a firm bandage (as firm as you would put on a sprained ankle) over a folded pad placed over the bitten area.

While firm, it should not be so tight that it stops blood flow to the limb or to congests the veins.

Start bandaging directly over the bitten area, ensuing that the pressure over the bite is firm and even.

If you have enough bandage you can extend towards more central parts of the body, to delay spread of any venom that has already started to move centrally.

A pressure dressing should be applied even if the bite is on the victims trunk or torso.

Immobility is best attained by application of a splint or sling, using a bandage or whatever to hand to absolutely minimise all limb movement,

Where possible, bring transportation to the patient (rather then vice versa).

Don’t allow the victim to walk or move a limb. Walking should be prevented.

Snakes are not favourite  thing to deal with ! , but Australia is a place where you may come across them.

So be aware and make your children aware of what to do if they see a snake and also know what to do if someone is bitten.

So keep your eyes open but we hope and pray you won’t ever actually come across any of these slithery friends apart from at a safe distance 🙂


The Joy Girls x







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