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So you’ve chosen the school and got the new school uniform and then you are presented with this book list ! and no instructions to go with it apart from, would you like to order the whole lot ! Gulp !

This can be another daunting area when you’re new to Brisbane so we wanted to help clear things up for you a bit .

Towards the end of each school year you will receive a book list for which ever grade your child is going into the following year .

You do have the option to just tick the box and have the whole lot delivered to your door before the start of the new term , but this is not always the most cost effective way to do things and often, if like my kids, your children may well want to chose their own pencil case or coloured pens etc .

Now Sequel books is where these big boxes come from and you do actually have the option to go to their store on your own if you like, especially for things such as text books . Now if you happen to misplace the book list ( cough cough can’t imagine that ever happening in our house ?!?!? ……. ) you can  find your school and grade and the exact list on the website here

What we have often done in the past is get the text books from sequel and then gone to Office Works ( click the link to locate your closest store ) to fill the rest of the order for exercise books and pencils and pens .

Another kiddies favourite although pricier is Smiggle ( click for store locater)

Target, Kmart and Big W are all awesome resources for stationary so have a look around for the best deals

Another tip for text books is to look for second hand ones, as these can be really expensive so places such Sustainable School Shop are amazing, you can actually sell your old ones on here as well which is awesome! You pay $19 for an annual subscription but you can save a fortune on the text books you buy so worth it.

Hiya Peeps, Jo here 🙂  Don’t forget the school locker who can look after all your school supplies from everything to uniforms, instruments, books, shoes, sporting equipment and technology.

Talking about uniforms thats the next item on the list to tick off and we have you covered with our school uniform blog Check out our blog on school uniforms for more information.


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