Saying Goodbye

How do you say Goodbye ?

When you love someone so very much and now this is it, time has run out. Which words do you use.

“I love you” but you know that

“I’ll miss you” but there’ll be a physical hole left in my heart

“Please don’t go” but I know you must

“See you soon” but we know that we won’t

There are no words, it just hurts so bad.

We all know its been coming, we’ve all talked about it coming. Made plans, written lists, reminisced, dreamt new dreams. And now its here.

That final goodbye

That final hug

That final look in your eye

Those final seconds, when the world stands still. Nothing matters, just this, just you, just me.

Fragment by tiny fragment, my heart shatters, each broken piece, a memory, a wish, an “I love you”.

As each piece whispers to my soul, thank you.

Thank you for being in my life, thank you I have someone who loves me, whom I adore in return.

Thank you for the laughter the tears, adventures and dreams we have shared over the years. You have filled my heart for so long and that won’t ever stop.

But now this is it

“I love you”  so very very much

“See you soon” I can’t believe that I won’t

Goodbye………..   My world stops!


So now I look up as my next season begins, new adventures to find. You will always be with me, always in my heart and I am grateful for that.

So I chose to look up with gratitude and Joy, that we have so much to remind us of what joy love can bring when you have someone who loves you and whom you love in return.








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