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10yrs ago my husband was offered a transfer with his job to Florida in the USA , my initial reaction was one of ahhhhh I’m so not sure I want to do this as I was pregnant and had no real desire to live overseas as felt I was a happy English lass .

But Ian had always liked the idea of working overseas for a couple of years and we have always lived by choosing  to take advantage of whatever adventures present themselves,  if things didn’t work out we could always go home. So I agreed that we could give it a shot

It was incredibly hard to move to a new country not knowing a soul and being so pregnant with a 7yr old already, gulp ! yep many tears were shed

On the 1st day I drove on the other side of the road, my 7yr old and I set off  to find groceries, not having a clue where we were going, or really knowing how to drive on the right hand side! but by the grace of God, groceries were bought and no one was killed :-) pheww

A year later we moved again to Atlanta in Georgia, and the day we drove into the big city with 14 lanes of traffic and a crying baby in the back, I started to cry thinking where on earth have we moved to. Knowing that I had to start the process again, new schools, house hunting, new shops, new Drs, new everything !!!

But this time it was a little easier as I knew even though it would be hard, I would just have to put myself out there everyday, take every opportunity to meet people, join everything I could, and make a home for us as a family.

We stayed in Atlanta nearly 6yrs and it was with great sadness that we left great friends and neighbours but we came with great excitement to start this new chapter here to Brisbane .

Somethings I miss about the USA are of course the shopping :-) have to say that Super Target just down the road from me in Dunwoody with its in house Starbucks and huge constant clearance racks has left a big hole in my life ;-) haha. I miss the great neighbourhood we lived in with its street parties and kiddies sledging down the roads on those snow days, the drive through every things !!!! and the stunning trees in fall. And of course so many gorgeous friends that we met and loved !

But some of the things I love about Brisbane are the beautiful friends I have here ( my JOY girls x ), the Joy of walking to school everyday in some of the most amazing scenery, living close to my beautiful sister, sausage sizzles, the ocean, the sunshine and yep the coffee ( it really is good here ! ) to name a few

For us as a family moving around the world has been such an amazing opportunity. For our kiddies they have such a fantastic perspective of the world and different opinions and cultures and see that there really is more than one view point on things and its ok to do things differently sometimes. They both have learnt not to be scared of new situations, but to step out and have a go, and although they miss old friends and family hugely they have learnt that to say good bye doesn’t mean forever .

It has definitely been hard some days and I have just wanted to go home, but as the years have gone on I sometimes wondered where home is actually. It can be hard making an effort always to make new friends and establish a new home and to settle yourself, kiddies, husband, when some days you just want to pop into someones house who knows you well and eat chocolate cake, and not have to try to get to know them .

But I would encourage all those who know these feelings and feel exhausted from it all, to keep pushing forward, keep going. For an English lass who never wanted to leave the UK and my happy safe life, stepping out into the adventure we have lived the past 10yrs, was the best thing we ever did !

I have grown more than I ever thought I would, and have done more things than I ever dreamt and have met some of the most incredible people and my horizons have expanded beyond my wildest dreams and for this I am truly grateful and feel soo blessed.

I wouldn’t change any of it the good days, the bad days and everything inbetween, for all of it has come together to create the most incredible tapestry of my life and adventure.

I have enough memories stored up to keep me going for many years. For when we’re old and grey and sit on a porch and say ” Do you remember when ………. ” :-)


Sarah xx

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