Restaurant Review -Gerard’s Bistro

Gerard’s Bistro is one of my favourite restaurants in Brisbane!

A great restaurant with fabulous food, awesome 70’s decor that if you are of the right vintage, reminds you of furniture you had in your house as a kid and really friendly staff. Gerard’s head chef Ben Williamson takes his menu inspiration from Southern Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.

It is one of those places where you know they will always have their signature dishes that you love on the menu, interspersed with new ones. It always feel a bit like it is going home for a nice big hug from grandma.

Imagine my surprise when we arrived to find that they have opened a little bar behind the restaurant where you can go for pre-dinner drinks and even nibbles. How did that one get past me. Well Gerard’s Bar Charcuterie was pumping when we arrived at 7.45pm, and was such a great place to meet our friends and have a quick pre-dinner drink. The bar in here was amazing and at one end of the bar is where they prepare the charcuterie board in front of you, (very cool if you are a foodie like me).

Gerards Bar Gerards Bar 2

Anyway I am sure you are wondering about the food. We always love going to Gerard’s with a few couples so there is more food that can be chosen and shared.

We never really order entrees just start with bread and the amazing smoked Pepe Saya butter, which if it was the only thing you had you would not be disappointed, the smoke in the butter is fantastic. Remember don’t fill up on bread as there is so many other options on the menu.

We had the Bekaa wings to follow the bread, these little wings will blow your mind, I could easily have them for an entire meal. They have the right amount of spice and sticky sauce with yoghurt and delicate rose flavours. They also have these fabulous little wipes that they bring to clean those sticky fingers, so breathe easy ladies no saucy fingers on that fabulous new dress.

Gerards Wings Gerards Wings gone Gerards Towels

We then had an entourage of tasty little dishes arrive, coal roasted quail, heirloom tomatoes with zucchini flowers, buttermilk walnuts and date molasses, smoked new potatoes with, tahini yoghurt, sumac and pork floss, suckling pig cooked in buttermilk, slow roasted heirloom carrots, Fried cauliflower, tahini, Ras El hanout, smoked almonds and pomegranate and the grand finale which is our absolute favourite dish which we always have is the slow roasted Wagyu brisket accompanied with flat breads, yoghurt, greens and charred onions YUM!!!!!!

Gerards Quail Gerards Tomatoes Gerrads Potatoes

Gerards Prok Gerards Carrots
Gerards Cauliflower Gerards Brisket Gerards Sides

If you are lucky after all of this you can squeeze in a dessert. We had two and shared them this time as we probably overdid the mains. I was a little sad as they didn’t have my favourite dessert on the menu that comes with date foam which if you get the chance when you are there order it, you will love it. We ended up having spiced rum cake with Turkish Apple sorbet and Jerusalem artichoke (I was very curious so of course had to order it) with caramelised chocolate, coffee and oats. While I enjoyed my dessert, I am always a little disappointed with dessert as I am a girl that would prefer more mains than sweets.

Gerards Desert Gerards Dessert 2

So to all of our Joy fans, please if you get the chance check out Gerard’s Bistro and don’t forget the charcuterie! which you will find through the alleyway.

Let them know you have come along because you read our fabulous Joy Project blog.


The Joy Girls xx

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