Relocating overseas with your pet, a check list

Hello lovelies

Many of you will have read the gorgeous Shelly’s blog on moving from the UK to Australia with their dog Tia, if not you can read it here

We wanted to put together a check list for you, if you are thinking of relocating overseas with your pet. So here you go 🙂

. Check with your own vet in your home country whether your pet is in good enough health for travelling, as some breeds travel better than others. Chose a well qualified vet who has dealt with your pet before hand and can give you an honest answer as to their well being.

. Find your self a well recommended Pet migration company. We can’t emphasis this enough as they will help you deal with the whole process from paper work, crates required, vaccinations and travel details.

We have 3 we can recommend

Ace Pet Moving who will move your pet from anywhere to anywhere else in the world

Pet Air UK if you are moving from the UK to anywhere in the world

Dogtainers  if you are leaving Australia to move anywhere in the world.

. Ensure you pet is micro chipped and has a named collar and ID tag

. Get all the recommended vaccinations taking into account the time between having the vaccination and then the retesting to ensure they are now immune.

. Check out the quarantine time required in you destination country as this can change regularly, and also depends on your country of origin. Here in Australia, the Australian Quarantine and Immigration is who sets our standards the “AQIS”  and this is where you will find the most up to date information. Your pet migration company should be aware of the most up to date requirements but its good to check for yourself.

. You will need to have a crate built for their travel, check the specific requirements for your pets size and the flight carriers requirements, your migration agent should be able to guide you with this process.

. You will need to find out which airline carry pets, as only some do and they will have limited spaces available and often only travel on certain days again your pet migration agent is the best resource for this information.

. Ensure that you can have a pet in your new accommodation in your destination country and that it is suitable for them, nothing worse than arriving and no pets allowed in your new apartment, or nowhere for them to go outside.

Hope this helps


The Joy Girls xx



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