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Dear Joy Readers

We have had a few enquiries about radio stations in Brisbane so we thought we would do what we do best and write a blog so we could share the information with all our joy readers.

Let’s start with the AM stations.

My husband loves the AM stations so I sort his advice on these ones. If you are a fan of talk back radio then 4BC radio frequency 1116 is the station for you. They cover a huge range of topics and there of course are always quite a few heated discussions.

For sport then you need to tune into ABC 612. This is constantly on in our car listening to cricket in the summer and footy in the winter. I have also caught my husband listening to tennis and golf. I know you have to be a complete sport nut to listen to golf on the radio but unfortunately I have also found myself from time to time listening to it as well, tragic I know 🙂

This next one is a personal favourite 4KQ 812. I used to sit in the car listening to the Friday and Saturday night jukebox. They would play awesome 50’s and 60’s music which I would bop along to while reading my favourite cook books and pretending to be interested in my husband’s soccer games. 4KQ also run the Christmas light display competition in Brisbane every year. So if you want to know where all the great light displays are then listen to 4KQ

Now for the FM stations.

We have quite a few that have varying degrees of content. For us with a young impressionable family we listen to 96.5 which is a family friendly station that you know little ears can listen too.

97.3 have a good mix of music from now and the 80’s and 90’s and of course all of these stations have breakfast shows you can listen to on the way to work or school.

B105 plays more popular music from now and have a weekly countdown of the latest top 20 songs probably quite a good just action for teenagers, but some of the conversations may not be appropriate for the younger members of your family

MMM has more rock and roll type music like ACDC, Cold Chisel, Whitesnake and obviously more modern heavier rock.

River 949 runs out of Ipswich and has quite a mix of music that they play.

Nova 106.9 is probably similar to B105 with its music content as well.

So there we go lovelies, please let us know about your favourite station if we’ve missed it

Happy listening


The Joy Girls xxx

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