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Now I have blogged on plenty of markets for all of you who are keen to get to markets and have the time, but what about the people who just can’t get there. Well that’s when I realised the Produce Princess would be the perfect solution.

The Produce Princess was started about 5 years ago by one of the mums at our school when she started a fruit and veg co-op because she wanted the best quality market produce she could find for her loved ones. (As we all do) and then she started sourcing produce for her neighbours, friends and school community and slowly the Produce Princess was born.

The website is awesome and has plenty of information. There is a market update page that let’s you know what is happening with prices, where the produce is coming from and more importantly, what is in season. She tries to source Australian grown produce and will let you know if it is not Australian.

There is also a great blog that has plenty of fabulous recipes and lots of handy hints and tips.

So if you are struggling to get to the markets but still want market quality produce then the Produce Princess is for you. You can contact her on 0497 008 438 or email

Or click here to view the website. produce princess

Happy shopping


The Joy Girls xx

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