Primary schools in Brisbane

Primary schools are a huge issue when we move if we have kiddies as are  kindys and highschools  ( click on the links to view our previous blogs on these )

Here in Brisbane we are very blessed to have some awesome primary schools both State and Private

Kiddies don’t start Prep here until they are 5yrs old here and the school year starts at the end of Jan, which is different from a lot of the world and can mean that your little ones will either repeat or miss some of a year when you move . The age cut off is at the end of June though so a child needs to be 5 before the end of June to start prep .

Now don’t worry too much about this ( but I do know as parents this can keep us awake at night trying to work out what to do ! ) both my kids have done several international moves and they are both still managing really well and one jumped up when we came and the other repeated some . So whatever you chose kids are incredibly resilient, just keep talking to the teachers and to your child , stay on top of the situation and if you need to change things after a few weeks then it won’t be the end of the world .

Choosing a school impacts so much when moving as this then often dictates where we will live as with state schools you have to live in the catchment area. We all want to find the best schools so check out Top Primary schools in Brisbane for some of the top ones around

Now all Primary schools have to sit the Naplan test in grades 3, 5 ,7 and 9 so this gives an idea of how the school is doing ranked against other schools here . Primary school ranking Brisbane shows these results so you can check out how the school you are thinking of did .

We in the western suburbs have some great state schools that perform really well and are in the top 30

Fig tree pocket State school

Chapel Hill state school

Kenmore south state school

Bardon state school

The Gap state school

We also have some fantastic private schools here check out Top Private Primary schools Brisbane  but keep in mind that if you arrive in the middle of a year there may not be a place immediately so contact the school as soon as you can to see what the situation is .

If you are looking for a montessori school we have the Brisbane Montessori school here in the Western suburbs and it comes very highly regarded . This is a different learning curriculum and the school goes right up to age 15 .

Your kids are going to love school here in Brisbane and they will quickly get used to the moto ” No hat , no play ” which all schools have . ( don’t worry all schools have a hat as part of their uniform ). They will moan about the sunscreen to start off with but soon will be slip, slop , slapping every day without even thinking about it .

And after a while ( ok maybe a few years 🙂 ) you won’t  panic when they come home and tell you about the massive python that was in the playground at lunch time!!!  infact maybe have a quick read of our info all about snakes here 🙂

And if you need a coffee when you drop them off that 1st day then come and join us


The Joy Girls xx

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