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Hi Joy Friends

So Saturday was date night ๐Ÿ™‚ and as I have been reviewing South Bank recently we wanted to go back and enjoy one of the amazing restaurants down there .

We choose to go to Popolo which is down on River Quay in Southbank and has one of the best restaurant locations ever !

We have been fortunate to be able to eat in some amazing places as we’ve lived around the world in many different cities. But let me tell you, as you are taken to your seat, in one of these 3 restaurants in this little promenade, you will have one of the best views ever ! As you sit looking directly out over the river, at all the beautiful lights of Brisbane city. One awesome thing about our city is the way so many buildings light up at night with different colours ย creating a stunning landscape to sit back and take in . And as you sit there with all the lights , music and ambience of a vibrant eatery, know you truly are sitting somewhere special .




So once we had managed to settle ourselves in our corner table, we now had to make the decision of what to eat .

Popolo is a really cool Italian kitchen bar and serves lots of share plates , some big, some small, but all delicious !





What they did have on Sat was a mangia mangia, which ย was 7 dishes to share for $55 each , so we decided to go with this we loved the idea of trying lots of the dishes .



Well we started off amazingly !! with a meat , cheese and bread board that was full of yummy meats and cheeses as well as figs and lightly pickled vegs which were just divine . This started in itself was enough food for 4 people mind you we did do it justice between the 2 of us as it was delicious !



Next appeared 2 polpetto meatballs of pork and beef in a tomato sauce, and 2 arancini di pomodoro balls which were tomato and taleggio with a pumpkin puree ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes were all as good as they sound, again just divine and gone in a flash .



Now have to be honest and admit that by this point we should have paced ourselves a little better as when our wild mushroom and black truffle risotto, our proscuitto wrapped chicken and baby chat potatoes with rosemary and garlic arrived we were definitely starting to slow down but it seemed wrong to not give it our full attention ๐Ÿ™‚



To round off this amazing meal we were then presented with chocolate donuts and basil ice cream !! And yes I can hear you all groaning as you read this as you imagine some divine rich chocolate donuts filled with a rich dark chocolate which just oozed out of the center accompanied with this amazing ice cream. The ice cream I must admit was quite a surprise to the taste buds but you know what, as you take each bite you realise what a combination this is and one not to be missed ๐Ÿ™‚



Polopo is an amazingly cool place to sit and eat dinner with people walking by and watching our beautiful city looking all dressed up in the evenings. This area of South bank is now firmly cemented as one of my favourite places in the world ! to sit of an evening enjoying fabulous food in an awesome place and we will be back

So get yourselves down there guys and say hello from the Joy Project


The Joy Girls xx


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