Phone and Internet providers in Brisbane

So you’ve arrived in beautiful Brisbane and now you have to go through the process of finding a new phone and internet provider. So we have put a list together of phone and internet providers here in Brisbane

If you have brought a phone with you and it is unlocked  you can just go ahead and replace the SIM card, all providers in Australia do SIM only plans or alternatively if you need a new phone (if you’ve just arrived from the USA and brought your phone unfortunately a lot of USA phones won’t let you change the SIM) you will be able to choose a phone and SIM from any provider.

If like me you have to start all over again then you probably need to work out which company is which and who offers what .

Now the main companies offering  mobile phone service are







Like most places you can either go with a pay as you go (“prepaid”) which means you pre-purchase credit for your phone ( which can be awesome for teenagers liable to run up huge phone bills!!) Or you can go with a monthly plan (“post paid”) and there are so many different options.

In all the shopping centers you will find mobile phone shops so I’m afraid its a case of just working out which is the best plan for you and going for it . All these companies also have great online stores so you can sit in the comfort of your own home ( which I love !!! with my cup of tea and some chocolate 🙂 ) and spend as long as you like comparing and choosing. Also check out some of these comparison sites which compare coverage in different areas .

Best Mobile phone coverage

Telco Antennas

And these are good for comparing the plans on offer

whistle out

you compare

Now when it comes to the internet companies which supply fixed line, mobile and  ADSL to your home the companies you need to look into are






One handy hint that we have benefitted from is knowing about personal wifi hotspots that you can buy and all the main companies sell them . These are awesome for when you first get here and you need internet quickly to set yourself up but don’t want to commit quite yet to one plan . So these are great as you just buy it and go and we’ve found these to be a fantastic .Also when you do get your new phone you can turn that into a personal hotspot as well .

Hope this helps


The Joy Girls xx

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