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Ok so we know that pests are not solely an issue here in Australia but I am sure a lot of you would agree we have a few more nasties here than you would like. !

So to get rid of those little critters, including spiders, cockroaches, mice, rats and of course termites you need a good pestman. Here are a couple we can recommend.

First up is The Pest Bully. I found Ozzie 13 years ago when we moved into our house, he was at the time working for another company and then eventually started his own business. We loved him so much we decided to follow him. Ozzie has been amazing, we actually did have termites in our house a few years ago and Ozzie got rid of them and continually monitors them for us and we have never had them since.

I also remember having a terrible problem with red back spiders, they were everywhere and I was paranoid when we bought our first baby home from hospital that she would be bitten, as they kept appearing in the bathroom and coming down from the light fittings. Well that was 11 years ago and it is rare that we even see a red back in our house now. Ozzie is honest, hardworking and his prices are very competitive. So if you have any issues give him a call on 1300 702 401.

Hi Chrissy here 🙂 , I use Ideal Pest Control, they spray our home and check for termites every 12 months. Always professional, always on time and most importantly I never see any nasties hanging around.  So give them a call 0412875415.

Jo here again I can highly recommend Pete from P.G.M Pest Control, Home and Garden Maintenance also. He is a pest man but he also does home and garden maintenence. He has just sorted some stuff out at home for us and got a lot of little annoying jobs we needed done out of the way all in one go. We contacted him Sunday afternoon and he was at out place the next day. He is very friendly and can do just about anything except electrical work and plumbing. You can contact him on 3814 3539, 0409 263 286 or e-mail

Sarah here lovelies 🙂 We’ve gone with a firm called Exodus Pest Control These guys cover the whole of Brisbane and we found them to be excellent and really helpful. I had no idea what kind of service we needed when I 1st called just wanted all the bugs gone 🙂 !! and they sorted us out .

The Joy Girls xx

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