Parking Meters in Brisbane and an Easy Trick to Help

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All over Brisbane we have parking meters, you will experience these any time you want to park in the city on the side of the road. Some areas are designated for specific time periods you can park, so make sure to actually look at the sign, and follow the directions accordingly so you don’t end up with a parking ticket. But many areas you are allowed to park for as long as you like, as long as you pay for that time. You will find that the meter machines are mostly cashless these days, and recently we learnt a whole new trick about them.

As soon as Chrissy showed Sarah and I this fabulous little secret we knew we had to share it with you. How many times have you had to pay for parking at a meter, and had no cash on and the credit card reader doesn’t work or you pay for it and have to rush back because your times is up or you have to leave with credit still on the meter.

Well here is a fabulous way to make sure none of this ever happens again. It is called pay by mobile. So you need to register online at or phone 1300 898 727 and follow the prompts.


Once you are registered when you go to park all you need to do is send an SMS to 0427 247 275 with how long you are parking for, example 2hours 30m, Enter the number of the parking site which is a 4 digit number at the bottom of the parking sign on the street i.e 4999 and then your rego number and send the SMS. If you leave early just text the number and say “check out” and any credit left will be refunded and if you need to stay longer you will be sent a reminder 15 minutes before your time runs out and you can reply that you need an extra 1h etc and they will automatically extend your time.

What a fabulous system.


The Joy Girls xx

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