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If you’ve just moved and are wanting to start a new order in your pantry, or larder as the Brits call it, then this can be the perfect time to claim a whole new system.

Now this is a tricky one for many, and for others it may come easily. I am a little over the top when it comes to organising things (and secretly love doing it). So I thought I could give you all some easy tips, that hopefully will help you sort out those pantries, that some of you I’m sure, are to scared to open the door in fear of something falling out and hitting you in the head.

Sarah here, we could insert some piccies of my pantry here but there could be one of those exact accidents if I open the door 😉

I always work on the principle of having some sort of system, whether that is all the same containers in one area, or having all the same sizes in one area. Or the way I like to do it, and it seems to help my family know where things are, is having things in sections.

So for example

1. I will have all my baking goods together.
Panttry baking goods
2. All my rices and pastas together
3. Flours get their own section, ( I am sure some of you are thinking how many flours can you have, there is a lot trust me)
Pantry flour
4. Tinned goods are always easy to have together and then quite easy to separate into vegetables, Fruits, beans and sauces etc.
Pantry cans
5. Of course then you can have all your spices together which I do but I the separate them into sections like Italian, Indian, Chinese etc.
pantry spices
6. I have all my oils and vinegars separated as well as there are hundreds of types of these and if you love cooking as I do then you will have lots as well.
Pantry Olive Oils Pantry Vinegars
7. Pulses, nuts and grains can all go together
Pantry nuts and grains
8. There are always plenty of little miscellaneous items which you can put together also
Pantry mis spies
9. Don’t forget a section for all those Asian sauces.
Pantry Asian sauces

I have a separate area where I:
1. Keep at the kids breakfast cereals together and dowm low where they can access them
Pantry cereal
2. Also in this area I have all the condiments that we would use at meal times and this way you can have the kids setting the table and they can access everything that is needed.
3. I also have a few baskets down low that I can put any snacks in for the kids and things that go in their lunch boxes that are accessible.
Pantry Baskets
These baskets are great and you can find them in two different sizes at Ikea.

So don’t let your pantry stress you out! As long as you go in with a plan you will be able to sort it out in no time.

Make sure you have an idea of what containers you are going to use and have plenty on hand, you don’t want to get half way through and run out. I like to use glass and I am fortunate to have someone near me that drinks Moccona coffee so they bring me all their empty jars which are perfect for storing all sorts of things and they come in different sizes.

I have all my nuts, pulses and grains in rectangle containers while I am waiting to replace them with glass jars. One important thing to have is a label maker it is invaluable when sorting out your pantry and lets face it who doesn’t love labelling this.

So good luck everyone 🙂 and remember the best way to start is to empty the entire pantry and start from scratch!

You have to make a mess first before you see any progress, don’t lose heart.


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