New Grade, New School, New Country

Its that time of year lovelies

The new school year is here on the horizon. For some a new grade, others a new school and still others a new country as well.

I find myself with so many emotions, so excited to have the holidays over and to not be the all day cafe from 6am – 8pm anymore, or the entertainer, day trip organiser,  craft creator.  Yet how many of you, like me, also feel a twinge of nostalgia as the new term starts?  I can find myself very reflective, as I watch my babies take one more step away from me. Starting a new grade always makes them seems so much older.

My youngest starts high school this year and wow that has an impact on how old I feel 😉

As I look back over the years gone by, I remember so many new terms, so many new schools and 2 new countries, so many new starts.

Some great new schools and some not so great. Some great 1st days some not great. But we’ve made it through them all, and can look back and smile and see how far we have come.

Its always huge when our babies start a new school and I know that has always been exaggerated when we have moved to a new country as well.

They have both been so brave and made me so incredibly proud, when maybe I don’t feel so brave.

It’s so easy to say the words to them,

” You’ll be ok ”

” You’ll make so many new friends”

” There are so many new adventures in store for you ”

And yet if you’re anything like me inside my heart is racing a million miles an hour on that 1st day. As they put on their new school uniform, so proud and yet so small, wearing shiny new shoes and blazers way too big ( so they last for years 🙂 )

They look at me with huge, scared, yet excited eyes. Filled with hope and dread all at the same time. Often feeling sick or tinkly tummy ( or maybe thats me ) I tell them to take a deep breath, it’ll all be ok. I too take a big deep breath, as my own eyes are huge, my heart still racing, yet not wanting to show anything but confidence and certainty.

I am a woman of  great faith and so my prayers on those days are so full and my heart so emotional as I lift them up to the one who can be with them always. As I watch them get out of the car, pick up their bag and ram that new hat on their heads. They turn and head into the unknown, a new adventure awaiting just as we talked about.

Yet this is a road I can not go with them. I can watch and encourage, listen and empathise. But this is their own journey, their own new season. As for me, I commit them to my God, who I know loves them so much and who will watch over them.

As I drive away from the drop off zone and head into my own new season, my own new year. I always have a few tears in my eyes, tears of Joy and of sorrow, as I marvel at how far they have come and how much they have grown, yet at the same time missing those chubby little hands that once squeezed my own so tightly, never wanting to let go.

Being a mum is the hardest and yet most wonderful job in the world and I am so grateful ! and yet sometimes I feel my heart might just burst, as each day I have to let them go just a little bit more. So many conflicting emotions all at the same time.

So lovelies, my thoughts and prayers are with you, as you too send your little ones, big and small, out into the new year, and my prayer is for them as well as my own.



. If you are at all worried about your teenager , if school is not working so well for them, remember we have the amazing resource of Headspace.

. Also we have some great tips on how to help your kids settle if you have just relocated








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