Since before it began my heart beat with yours

Since I took that first breath  your love filled my lungs

Since before I could speak you filled my soul with lullabies of love

Since before I could walk you taught me to dance.


For all those years I played dress up and wore your clippy cloppy shoes

For those times we went walking, little boats in our hands,

watching them race down tiny rivers, with no cares in the world.


All those years I was grumpy and moody not knowing quite why.

You’ve always loved me, always cared,

always wiping my tears,  offering biscuits and tea.

I never doubted your devotion, never doubted your strength.

You taught me to be strong,  to trust and to go


Those years you released me to fly on my own

When your heart must have broken as I stepped away

Stepped away to my own life, my own families needs

You never stopped loving, stopped caring, stopped listening.


And now I live so very far from home

So far from your arms which have held me so tight

The cord that once connected us has been cut, but not broken, still holding strong

As I know your loves still unending, still caring, still listening


How can I say thank you

Is thank you even enough

I love you my mummy

from the 1st moment my heart beat with yours and til the moment it stops

I’ll love you with a passion reserved just for you

Thank you for sacrificing, for the selflessness you’ve shown

I’ll always be so grateful God gave me to you.

That he chose you to love me, to teach me, to show me his ways.


These words are for you beautiful momma of mine

you may not feel perfect all of the time

But to me your are mum

And there are no more perfect words than that

I’ll love you forever xxx







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