Its mothers day 🙂

Which is such a wonderful time to celebrate our amazing mums and to be celebrated if we are amazing mums

But if we live many miles away from our mums or if our kiddos live miles away from us , it can be a day of memories and heart ache. This is one of those days when we can feel a hundred miles from home if we’ve left those we love behind in lands far afield .

I’m sure many of us can relate to those mixed emotions on such days when we just want to physically hug those we love, and as much as we love skype and facetime and whatsapp, nothing compares to that physical bone crunching hug of a grown son or the embrace of our mums.

We all have had a mother somewhere along the journey of our lives and for some, those memories are filled with joy and warm chocolate cake. For others the memories may not be so sweet, and you have created new joyful memories of your own, with your own family .

If you have a family who will make you breakfast in bed, enjoy that luke warm cup of tea ( made with hot water from the tap) and that sacrificial piece of toast. Put that piece of gluey, sticky tissue papered masterpiece on display in pride of place somewhere. And tuck these precious times away in your mind

But if you need to shed a tear today as well thats ok.

But then turn those tears into joy as you remember some of those precious memories that you have stored in the library of your mind and be grateful that you had those days 🙂


The Joy Girls


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