Mothers Day

Mothers Day

Just saying the words can bring so many emotions of such varying degrees to so many of us.

For those who are exhausted from caring for housefuls of little people demanding your attention and filling your home with the crazy mayhem and fun that comes with family life, you may just long for 2 minutes of quiet and alone time, even if its just in the bathroom with a cup of tea and a big bar of chocolate

For those who waited so long to become Mothers, those tears you silently cried in years gone by, as you prayed, and long for, and dreamt of the little ones who you so desperately wanted in your lives, and now they are here, and your heart is so full of deep joy.

Those who still dream of those little hands and feet, your tears held behind your shielded eyes, as you try to smile and not mind.

For those who’s little ones have grown and moved away and all you long for is a bone crunching hug from a fully grown son or daughter, when Skype and Face Time are fantastic! and you so love to see those precious faces, and yet all you want to do is reach out and touch them through the screen.

Then thoughts turn to our own mothers and memories past, for some warm memories of chocolate cake and hugs and such love from a mother we love.

Others not so much, and you try to skip over those years that you had, and the pain that they caused. As you look into the future and make new memories with your own precious family around you. As they make their gluey sticky masterpieces for you and make a luke warm cup of tea for you as you sit in your bed.

Or maybe your precious mum is no longer around  or so far away and all you have are memories filling your thoughts, and it can hurt so much, and yet you are blessed to have those precious memories to fill up your heart.

Whatever you mothers day brings, there is always hope and joy to be found whether in tiny glimpses or vast oceans. Take these memories and keep them safe, they are all precious, as are you.

Be blessed this mothers day

The Joy Girls xxx



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