Mongolian BBQ Review

Dear Joy Readers

Ok this review is a fun one that you can take the entire family to. We went along to the Sizzling Mongolian BBQ House at Taringa for my husbands Work Christmas party and it was fantastic.

So this restaurant is one where you go along, pay the one price and can have as many plates as you like. There was a few starters that you could have of spring rolls and chicken wings and there was plenty of rice to have with your main.

Now you get a bowl then work your way through three different stations. The first is a freezer with thinly sliced Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Pork, that you pick and put into your bowl. Then the next station is vegetables you would like and then there is the last station where you choose what sauces and spices you want and put them into your bowl.

lastly you take them to the Chef’s who cook all this in front of you which only takes minutes and then you can enjoy your fabulous creation.

Blessings the Joy Girls xx

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