Minion Cupcakes

Minion Cupcakes, who doesn’t love them ?

So its true I do love to bake and actually to bake fun cakes too 🙂

So thought I would share some minion cupcakes, as who doesn’t love minions ?

So 1st the recipe, I try and go dairy and wheat free with my cakes and this one is yummy and can be used as a large cake or cupcakes whatever you chose 🙂

12 oz butter or coconut oil ( you can do 1/2 and 1/2 if you like still tastes great )

12oz sugar / rapadura sugar

6 eggs

12oz self raising flour / self raising spelt flour

3 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1/2 cup of boiling water

. Cream butter/ oil and sugar

. Add eggs and flour

. Mix boiling water and cocoa powder together then add to the cake mixture


Cook on medium heat 15-20 mins for cupcakes

30 mins approx for large cake.


Now for the minions I used all blue cupcake cases, so they are the trousers, and then I just make the faces .

You can buy ready made coloured fondant from lots of places these days , Spotlight is a good place or you can colour your own .

You’ll also need a ganache or butter cream icing, to put under the fondant, to act as the glue for the fondant to the cake. You can either buy a pre made pot of this or make your own using cream and chocolate ( this is where the health aspect takes a dive 😉 )

To turn these cakes into minions –

. First you will need a cookie cutter just slightly larger than your cupcakes. So roll out your yellow fondant and cut out circles with the cookie cutter .


.Smooth a small amount of cream icing over the cupcake and then smooth over a yellow circle of fondant to cover the cupcake ( don’t put too much cream/ganache on, as it will smoosh out the side and make a mess 😉  yep I have done that way too many times  )

.Then with a smaller circle cutter ( I  go through my food pantry and try all the lids of bottles to find the best size, and use that lid as my cutter 😉 ) cut out some white circles for the eyes .

Now to make sure the fondant sticks use a little bit of water with a paint brush underneath each eye you are sticking on .

.For the glasses, I found that rolling out a bit of grey fondant into a tiny sausage was easiest, then putting this around the glasses .

IMG_3532 IMG_3537

finish off the eyes with some brown eye balls , again just a tiny bit of brown icing and then piped little bits of white in the eyes and piped black writing icing for the mouth .


Make whatever faces you like , have fun 🙂

then eat them all up really quickly !!


The Joy Girls xx



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