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Hi Joy friends

How many of you out there struggle every night to come up with something for dinner or get home and have nothing planned. Well hopefully we can help.

In our house we always have a menu plan for the week and if truth be told I often have a few weeks in advance done. Not only does it make it easier but it stops waste and we save money on the grocery shop and the most important thing is if I am not home the kids and my husband can look at the plan and know what has to be done for dinner.

Now you are all wondering how do I do this? Let Me give you some tips and hopefully this will get you planning.

– Sit down a few days before you are due to do the grocery shop with a notepad and pen.

– Write out the days of the week i.e We shop on a Saturday so my plan starts on a Saturday and finishes on a Friday.

– Then mark down your busiest days (these will be the days you need something quick and easy or something from the freezer)

– I will check with the kids if there is a favourite meal they want and slot that in somewhere, then go through your recipe books and slot in the recipes you need for the remaining days.

– It is always a good idea if you are making a curry etc to make a double lot and then you have leftovers that can be frozen and a meal ready for one of your busy nights.

– Now as you write down your recipes at the same time complete your shopping list add anything to it that you need for Your recipe, this way you are only buying what you need.

– The first few plans you do maybe time-consuming but you will get much quicker at it.

– I keep mine opposite my shopping list in a notebook and then I have then to go back over if I am short on ideas and I can rehash an old plan.

– Once you get quicker you can do a few weeks at a time, to save confusion I just write the date on the top of the shopping list and the dates next to each day of the week. I also will write on my plan when kids will be away, or if my husband is travelling as this changes what we will be eating and the amounts.

So get planning and hopefully this will save you some precious time where you can be doing so many other fun things.

Blessings the Joy Girls xx

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