Lost in Translation

Hello peeps

Just to make you smile today !

How many of us move to a different country and then get totally blown away by how different our language really is, and end up getting in trouble ! yep I’m sure some of you can relate to the 1st day in a school in Florida my daughter asking for a rubber !!!!! …… didn’t down to well 🙂

So how many of you can relate to these 🙂 and what other ones have you got ?

UKshutterstock_272817536 Americanuncle Sam Australianaussie
Chips Fries Hot Chips
lemonade Sprite lemonade
morning tea Snack morning tea
Chicken Chicken Chook
Primary school Elementary school Primary school
Ground Floor First Floor Ground Floor
Loo Restroom/ Washroom Bog/ Dunny
Letterbox Mail box Letterbox
Pavement Sidewalk Pavement
Jumper Sweater Jumper
Torch Flashlight Torch
Mum Mom Mum
Rubber Eraser Rubber
Lift Elevator Lift
motorway interstate/ freeway motorway
petrol Gas petrol
the countryside the wilderness The bush
not available out of pocket not available
Lorry Truck Truck
Trousers Pants Trousers
Flip Flop Flip Flop Thong
Nappy Diaper Nappy
Dummy Pacifier Dummy
Pinafore dress Jumper Pinafore dress
Public School Private School Private School
Holiday Vacation Holiday
Playtime/ break Recess Playtime/ Break
Carpark Parking lot Carpark
Skip Dumpster Skip
Semi detached house Duplex Semi detached
Terrace house Townhouse Townhouse
Bungalow Ranch House House
Biscuit Cookie Biscuit/ Cookie
Sweets Candy Lollies
Crisps Potato Chips Chips
Ice lollies Popsicle Ice Block
Paracetamol Acetaminophine Panadol
Bonnet Hood Bonnet
Boot Trunk Boot
Tap Faucet Tap


The Joy Girls xx

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