Local Doctors in Brisbane West

Onto local GP’s, whom we all need when we move, and we all want a practice we can trust and also who we can actually get and appointment with when we’re sick !

If you are ever in doubt though please call 000

Here are our JOY tips for some great ones.

1st up is


We go to the Wongabel Family Practice at, 5 Wongabel street in Kenmore , they don’t have a website but this is their phone number

3378 3265.

This is a very small and intimate surgery with 2 wonderful Doctors. Dr Kylie Norris and Dr Richard Shorrock -Brown.

What we love about this practice is that you really build up a relationship with these guys, and you feel that they get to know you too, and so you end up with a very personal service, which we love. They are incredibly thorough and go the extra mile and will always call with results of any tests, even if 10pm on a Friday night to tell you everything is ok 🙂 which is awesome .

You will mostly always be able to get a same day appointment and even though they don’t bulk bill, they do have HIC so your medicare rebate will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Hi Everyone Chrissy here,

Well I use the Red Hill Doctors Surgery. I originally chose this medical practice on a recommendation from a friend when I first moved to Brisbane, and I have found it quite central to wherever I have lived. This is a large practice of about 18 doctors, and I can’t say that I have seen all of them, although with 3 little ones I have seen my fair share.

I have always found these doctors to be excellent, very thorough and they have always supported my family through any medical crisis, pregnancy and infant immunisation. They also have a travel clinic for all travel shots and information, and there is also a pathology on site. You can make appointments on line and also from an app on your smart phone. I highly recommend this clinic.

Lucky Last Jo here everyone.

For the last 12 years we have been seeing Dr James Soo at the Sinnamon Park medical Centre. This practice has grown over the last decade and has quite a few Gp’s there now, which on occasion we have seen and have never been disappointed with any of them. Whilst you can see any Dr in the practice, all the Gp’s here have specific areas of interest including Women’s health, paediatrics, skin cancer remote and rural medicine, child immunisation, travel immunisations and Mirena insertion.

Located conveniently next door is a pharmacy and they also have a QML pathology centre on the other side of the practice. Ben who runs the pharmacy and his staff are extremely helpful and can answer just about any question you may have about prescription medicines.

They are opened Monday – Friday 7am to 7pm and 8am to Noon on Saturdays. They also have an after hours number that you can call when the practice is closed. They have HIC online which means our rebate from medicare when you visit will be deposited straight into your bank account so you don’t have to go to a medicare office.

If you need a Dr out of hours or during the weekend then there are plenty of great out of our clinics and also and emergency Dr who will come to you. so check out our blog on all of that important information.

And we also have great Emergency rooms here in Brisbane if you need more than a GP

But always remember if it is an emergency just call 000 do not delay


The Joy Girls xx



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