Letting Go


How do I let go ?

How do I let you fly ?

How do I relinquish you to sore on eagles wings 

When all I have known is to hold you so tight

To love you so hard

To fight for you and protect you 

And now to open my hands and let you take that step over the edge into this big scary world

I trust thats how

I entrust you to the one who created you

To the Master of all

To the one who loves you even more than me 

Who will fight for you harder than I can imagine

To the king who will be that eagle for you to fly on

To the one who has such plans for you 

And who will walk with you on roads I cannot come 

You fill my heart 

From the 1st moment I heard your heart beat

When I 1st held you so tight

You make my heart so glad, and warm my soul when we laugh so hard.

No mamma has ever been so proud 

Or loved her daughter so much.

But I will let go and I will let you fly

Just so long as you come back and let me hold you again .

So Lord Jesus

This is my daughter I give her to you

Just as you gave me your son 

I know I can trust her to you 

And all that you have 

But please can we share her

I love her so much

Thank you for letting me love her and entrusting her to me .

Thank you my Jesus

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