Learning to drive in Queensland

Hello Joy peeps

So you have an 16 year old and they want to drive and its terrifying 🙂 !! ( yep been there ahhhh )

The process of learning to drive is different all over the world so we wanted to explain things a little so you can know whats going on

When a teenager reaches 16 they are now allowed to apply for their Learners licence

For this they will need to go to an actual Queensland transport office ( click here to find you nearest one )

and they will need to sit a written exam, but fear not they are able to practice at home as much as you like with online tests ( click the link )

Once they have passed that test then yes, your 16yr old is now lose on the roads ….. but wait its ok. They now have to complete 100 hours of practice driving with you or another qualified driver beside them, and a big L sticker on the front and back of the car.

We found that those 1st few hours ( ok maybe 1st few 20 hours ) were extremely stressful for all concerned !!, so this was where we turned to professional help from a driving school with a very brave patient instructor ( who also happens to have a dual control car !!  🙂 ) We used a school called

No yelling  and they were awesome and they cover most of Brisbane, but there are loads of great schools out there, but do try and get one with a good recommendation.

You will be given a book to fill in over those 100 hours and yep you have to record everything but you get used to it pretty quickly. Another thing to note is that they also have to complete 10 hours of night driving in that as well, so lots to cover

The 100 hours will take you up to their 17 birthday and then on that day they can now sit their actual driving test. ( they have to be 17 to take the practical test )

This can be booked on line and taken in all sorts of locations around our beautiful city .

The actual test is pretty standard to those all around the world, with an actual examiner sitting beside your student to make sure they can drive safely.

Now depending on if they pass or fail they will now be able to get their red P plates or a P1

Now you will need to remember that there are certain cars they can’t drive on P plates such as high performance cars so make sure you check out all the conditions of being on that P plate

They will now need to drive on this red P plate for another 12months before again applying for their P2 licence or the green P plate. To get this they will need to then pass a Hazard perception test, they can actually do this test online at home, which is great .

Once you have been on your P2’s for 2 years you can then apply for an open licence. Woohooo

Now if you are wanting to learn and you are over 25 years old then you don’t have such a long journey to travel so make sure you check out the conditions on the Queensland site ( click link )relating to you as you won’t have to fill in 100 hour log book which is awesome news !

So yep it can be a bit of a journey but its worth it !


The Joy Girls xxx

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