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Here is one for all those mothers out there with boys and girls that are looking for something that will take care of all that excess energy. So being the mother of an absolutely beautiful and delightful boy who however has a level of energy not for the faint hearted. I thought I could give you some advice on some of the club sports that he has been involved in. In the weeks to come we will have blogs on some other club sports as well, it was much easier to do one sport at a time so we didn’t overload you with information.

First up is soccer. When he first started he played for the Brisbane Lions football club that is based at Richlands. This is a very big club and starts at under 5’s and your child can continue with the club through juniors and up into seniors. We did have to travel but it was never very far from Richlands home ground. We were very happy with the Lions but our son had started prep and formed friendships and was wanting to play with his friends so we moved to the Kenmore football club which has since been renamed to UQFC.

Kenmore was only a junior club and then they merged with the University of Queensland Football Club which then made room for senior players. The soccer season runs from March until September and there no games played in the school holidays. You will find all the season info and sign on details on the website, and if you have a few friends who are keen you can put a team together or if not you will be put into a team. Just remember what age your child is at the sign-on will be the age group they will play in i.e 8 years at sign-on they will play in under 8’s.

This club was great and as it was close to our school our son new so many players there and loved it. The greatest thing was at the end of the season there is a huge family fun day that is combined with the Kenmore AFL and rugby union teams and is huge, the kids have a ball with all the rides and the end of the day is topped off with a massive fireworks spectacular.

Now for all you dads out there who would like to play as well St Catherine’s (St Cats) based at middle park is another big club where my husband played in an over 40’s league this year (don’t tell him I have let out the secret) St Cats starts at juniors and of course goes through to dare I say the very senior!!!!!! The club is at Middle Park and is another one of the very large clubs based in the western suburbs.

Here is a list of some other clubs you can check out:
Parkridge Football Club
Ipswich Knights Football Club
Mt Gravatt Hawks Football Club
Souths United Football Club
Annerley Football Club
Bardon Latrobe Soccer club

Hope this has given you some guidance and if Soccer isn’t your thing then next blog I will be doing AFL.


The Joy Girls xx

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