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Ok I know you are all now cringing at the thought of making sushi for lunch boxes but it is actually not that hard and the kids love it. Depending on the filling it lasts a couple of days in the fridge. You can get everything you need from Coles and woolies, which is just a sushi rolling mat, nori sheets, sushi rice and rice wine vinegar.

sushi ingredients

Once you get the sushi rice it has the recipe on the back for your rice and then you are ready to roll hahahah bad joke I know, never said I was a comedian!!!!

You can make your rice a day in advance or even the same morning, just needs to be cool when you are making your sushi rolls.

Shredded chicken with Hoi sin sauce, char Sui Sauce or teriyaki sauce.
slice beef with teriyaki sauce
Avocado and mayonnaise if you want
Egg and Mayo
Salmon and avocado
Avocado cucumber and carrot
prawn and avocado

Really the list is endless.

Here is a quick lesson on rolling. Place the nori sheet shiny side down on the bamboo mat. Cover it with rice leaving a small edge at one end. It is easier if you have a dish of water close by to dip your fingers in so the rice doesn’t stick.
sushu rice

Then place your filling at the end where you have put the rice right to the edge.
sushi filling 2

Then roll to the end that has about a 2cm edge with no rice on it. wet the edge with water and then finishing rolling and it will stick to the nori and you are done. it sometimes may take a few goes to get it perfect, so don’t panic. Now your sushi is ready, serve with pickled ginger, soy sauce and of course wasabi.
sushi rolling sushi water sushi roll

But have fun, get the kids involved they will love it.


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