Kids Lunch Box Ideas -Meatballs

Dear Joy Readers

Here is another little treat that you can have made in advance and keep stored in the freezer. I just reheat them and my kids take them in a little thermos for lunch, that stays hot. (K-Mart and Big W sell these thermos’ and they are great). We use it for all sorts of left overs for the kids, risotto, bolognaise, curry, noodles. Etc.

This is another recipe you can add or change the ingredients however you like, just use this as a guide.

Beef mince
Pork mince
Veal and pork work really well also
Breadcrumbs or gluten free bread crumbs or rice crumbs
BBQ sauce
Grated Parmesan
Chilli sauce

Just add whatever ingredients you want to your mince with an egg and enough breadcrumbs to combine it all together, then mix together. The more you work the mince with your hands the better the meatballs will hold together. Then fry them up or you can even cook them in the oven and hen freeze in little zip lock bags in portions big enough for your child’s lunch box.

They can have them by themselves as a snack or you can send along a pita pocket with some shredded lettuce and carrot and a little tzatziki Yum!!!!

now if you want to use chicken mince you can use a few Asian ingredients with this:

Sweet chilli sauce
Lime Juice
Soy Sauce
tiny bit of sugar
Spring onions

Also use breadcrumbs to combine these together. This is great served with a yoghurt dressing also with a bit of mint and coriander mixed through it and a tiny bit of sweet chilli sauce.


The Joy Girls xx

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