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Hello Joy peeps,

We have a special treat for you today not only did we get to review Jamie’s Italian Restaurant but courtesy of Singapore Airlines we got to participate in a masterclass at the restaurant. When we arrived we were greeted by the delightful Singapore Airlines team lead by their State Manager Jacki D’Antonio who were the perfect hosts. Not to mention the amazing team of staff at the restaurant lead by Adrian Rich The restaurant’s General Manager.

Now for all you readers out there that have read my blogs you all know how much I love food, so needless to say I was beside myself from beginning to end which I think also kept the lovely Sarah totally entertained. (Sarah here 🙂 yep totally !! and some of the other people on the class as well it was awesome )

I have followed Jamie’s career from the very beginning. My very first cookbook was the naked chef that was given to me,  and started my food journey, which was helped by Jamie’s ethos of always buy the best ingredients you can afford and keep it simple. (I must say I was a little nervous when I saw the title the naked chef, wasn’t quite sure what I would find inside). The naked part is simply Jamie’s idea of stripping food back and keeping it simple.

I just love how he is out there trying to teach people, and most importantly educating kids that good food is easy to make and doesn’t cost a lot.

After our welcome drinks, and a little background info on the restaurant,IMG_2285We met the fabulous head chef Joe, from Liverpool who now calls Australia home, (we need to get him along to Joy) for a little class on how they make their pasta and he shared with us Jamie and Genaro’s Holy Grail recipe for the perfect pasta.

IMG_2298                    IMG_2324

The great thing about Jamie’s is they make their pasta fresh every morning and only make enough for the day, so no waste and so fresh. What I love the most is they are all about using the best quality ingredients and produce available whether it be their eggs from “happy chickens” in NSW, the Imported Sardinian crisp bread from Italy, bocconcini from an artisan cheese maker, chilli jam made especially for Jamie’s Italian, down to obviously locally grown fruit and veg.

After a quick pasta making session Joe took us down to the kitchen and showed us where it all happens. I just wanted to jump in there and give it a go but I controlled myself!!!! ( don’t worry I was holding her back )

He whipped up a prawn linguine and showed us how they use an Italian cooking style called Tagliata which means under the brick. It was a cooking style Jamie saw when he was in Italy and is how they cook their meat under terracotta bricks. Jamie has adapted the style and uses cast iron bars in the restaurant that are kept on the grill and are placed on top of steaks and chickens which obviously cooks the meat on both sides at once which increases the cooking time, they can do half a chicken in 8 minutes.

Joe cooked a hanger steak, for us which is also known as the butchers cut, as it is the part that hangs from the oesophagus that isn’t that pretty and no one wants to use, but if cooked medium rare and with this style of cooking it was amazing !!  I’m off to my local butcher to get one and cook it up at home.

It was simply grilled tossed in garlic, chilli, olive oil once it was cooked and then sliced and serve with the most amazing polenta chips and some roasted bone marrow and rocket.

Simple but AMAZING!!!!

IMG_2300                 IMG_2308


Sorry guys I was trying to make this blog not too long, but can I suggest put the kettle on now and make a cuppa, so you can sit and relax and enjoy the rest as I am struggling with cutting it short 🙂

Jo was beyond excited all day as you can tell !! and have to say she’s being very self controlled 🙂 as she’s been talking about it none stop 🙂 and thats why we love her !

After the kitchens we were taken back upstairs to our table to start an absolute feast. A huge antipasto platter on a massive board was brought to the table which on its own was a feast, not too mention the mains and dessert that would follow.

Now for all of you that follow Jamie’s cooking style you know that he is all about sharing food with friends (who doesn’t love that). Well his antipasto platter is perfect to share with every friend you have ever known it was huge !

We had

Parma prosciutto,

Beef bresaola,

Fennel salami,

Sardinian crisp bread with sheeps milk pecorino and chilli jam that is especially made for Jamie’s Italian restaurants around the country,


Chargrilled vegetables,




and of course some Arancini balls and Salt and Pepper Squid on the side YUM!!!!!

IMG_2304                    IMG_2305

Next up we had our mains most people couldn’t go past the prawn and rocket linguine that Joe had showed us in the kitchen, but Sarah and I couldn’t go past the buffalo ricotta ravioli with lemon an mint, such a simple dish that was outstanding!! which of course is now going to be on the menu plan for our house this week.

(Sarah again 🙂  I will be popping over to Jo’s when she  least expects it, so I get some too )


Finally we were faced with the huge feat of now trying to squeeze in some dessert, GULP !

Of course Sarah and I were up for it and managed to try all the desserts. The staff once again served the tables with huge boards of delicious morsels for us to sample.

Jamie’s signature dish was of course on there the………..

Epic chocolate brownie which I think if memory serves me correctly started at his flagship fifteen restaurant in the UK and does not disappoint and for those of you like me who have all of his cookbooks you can find it in his Cook with Jamie Book.

We also had vanilla bean baked cheesecake (my favourite),

vanilla bean panacotta

and meringue.


So for everyone out there who loves great rustic Italian food pick up the phone and book now, and for those of you who would love to see a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes then ring and book a masterclass.

Of course with the masterclass there is a minimum and maximum number of people they can accomodate. I think it would be an awesome way to celebrate a special birthday or for me just an excuse to celebrate anything.

The decor is amazing and there is also a bar section where you can sit and have a pre-dinner drink or sit up at the bar at the back of the restaurant where they have all the meats hanging for the anti pasta boards and it almost feels like you are in a little part of Italy.

IMG_2286                      IMG_2284

Remember to book in advance as I have already booked for the end of April and could only get an 8.45pm table.

IMG_2313 IMG_2316 IMG_2325

Thanks so much to Jacki, Anna, Charlotte and Michael from Singapore Airlines and of course the team at Jamie’s.

Yep Thanks so much guys we truly had the best time xx

Can’t wait to come back


The joy girls xx

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