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Hello Gorgeous Joy Friends,

So you have left your home and come to Australia and now you are missing a little bit of home, something familiar. We have heard from a lot of you how even a trip to Woolworths when you first arrive can be so distressing, nothing is the same, the brands, the packaging it’s all so confusing.

Did you know that most of the brands you would buy at home can be found on the internet? If you’re looking for familiar food that’s a little harder for me but I know Jo has written a couple of blogs on the issue. I am talking more about clothing and housewares. It saves a lot of time if you know where to look. So I have been working on a little list for you all.

First one is Boden clothing from sunny England, gorgeous clothes and great quality.

For something on trend try:


ASOS  is great and has all sorts of your favourite brands as well as their own label they both ship to Australia.

Ezibuy  Has Next and other brands and is a New Zealand based company that have a base in Australia.

One I found recently is The Gap, this one is tricky as you have to choose your country first otherwise it doesn’t recognize that you aren’t in the US. There is a drop down menu at the top right hand size where you can change the country you are in. Once you choose Australia everything is in Australian dollars, the shipping is quite expensive. Whats awesome about these guys is you can also shop Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta through their site as well

A lot of the international stores are coming to Australia for example H & M  and recently set up shop in Indooroopilly shopping centre and TopShop is in the CBD. However others haven’t quite made it to Brisbane.

Sarah here 🙂

So as Chrissy said we have loads of stores we miss so much when we move !!  and its awesome to be able to find them online, but it can be hard to get them delivered all the way here to Brisbane

some of my favourites from the UK who will deliver here 🙂

Next who have a depot here so your goods arrive really and the return policy is just as good as it is in the UK

Marks and Spencer also deliver here yay sadly not the food 🙁

Emma Bridgewater which has beautiful ceramics deliver as well, although can be quite expensive

Thorntons will deliver here too if you need that special chocolate fix again these guys are not cheap so you’ll need to be desperate 🙂

Now if you are wanting to buy some thing from the USA then this can be tricky sometimes as you may need a USA address. But have no fear there is a great site called Comgateway who are brilliant so you can order whatever and it will be delivered at local rates to this USA address, who will then send it on to you and charge you depending on its weight. We have had great success with this ! These sites mean you still shop on amazon or ebay who will only ship to USA address’s.

Borderfree Shopping is another site that will give you a USA postal address and ship to you. We haven’t tried this one but they seem to do the same kind of thing making the process easy for you

Some of the stores who will actually deliver directly to Australia though are


JC Penny these guys will ship for a flat rate of $19.95 if you spend over $99


Lucky Brand

Victoria’s Secret

DSW ( oh yes have to say it was hard to leave DSW behind ! )

Pottery Barn  Just so you know Pottery Barn will soon be in Fortitude Valley, they are opening a store here. Yeah!

It can expensive with some of these USA sites with their shipping rates, so if its something light you have ordered then maybe use the Comgateway site especially if they offer free delivery to a USA address. But you will just need to check that out for each purchase and which works best for you 🙂

Now we have some really awesome websites here as well and for all of you who are decorating nuts, like me, try three of my favourites for some big discounts.

Temple and Webster

The Home,


these website’s have daily deals and some beautiful products.

If you are looking for a great Aussie website for beautiful clothes that are true to size and great value try Birdsnest.

Happy shopping.


Chrissy and Sarah



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