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As a foodie I am constantly on the lookout for amazing new restaurants, delis or even farmers markets, but then it occurred to me that while I was living overseas when we found ourselves homesick we would be on the lookout for some little treat from home. Of course, the eternal search for Vegemite then ensued.

Anyway I digress, for all you JOY people out there looking for some delicacies from home we have done some research and come up with a few for you. Of course please let us know, if you know, of any others worth a trip to.

The first one is The Dutch food shop, at Acacia Ridge. This place is quite the find not only is it a shop, it is also a cafe and a deli. Not only stocking Dutch food but Indonesian items as well, who would have thought. Don’t worry if you can’t make it there they are happy to take your orders over the phone. So if you have Dutch neighbours like we do and have been looking for those fabulous round cake like biscuits, that you sprinkle the blue or pink little balls on when a baby is born, then look no further.

Now if it is something dried, cured or smoked that you are looking for, then you can’t go past Adams Continental small goods at Carole Park. Adams stocks all types of cured, smoked and dried meats. It also has a lot of European foods that you might be looking for. There are also plenty of other deli items so worth a visit.

For you Brits you will find that most large Coles stores have an international section that you can find a few basics, galaxy chocolate being one of them 🙂 , but if you crave some other goodies there is an awesome online resource called The British Food Company they have an enormous list of all sorts of things you may feel you can’t live without.

Now as we say goodbye to the Northern Hemisphere, lets head to the beautiful southern hemisphere and of course South Africa.

The Butchers Block at Kenmore Village stocks Biltong and Boerwors.

However there is a fabulous shop at Enoggera that I have on good advice from my other neighbour who is not actually from South Africa but Botswana, very important to get it right. 🙂 Now where was I, Oh yes, the South African shop is the Jerky Nuts at 1509 Samford Road Enoggera. These guys have a huge range of South African food, sweets, drinks and more importantly milk tarts. However I don’t think they could be as good as my neighbour Kerry makes.

Now of course last but certainly not least, its off to Asia and India. There are quite a few places where you can source just about everything Indian and Asian. Some of my favourites are JK International at Rocklea. They stock everything from beans, oils, rice, spices and dairy. All India foods are at Balaclava St, Woolloongabba and stock a huge array of spices, pulses, pickles, samosas, oils and rice I love this place.

Now for anyone who is craving some Asian noodles, hotpot or even a good old fashioned stir-fry then you need to go to the Welcome Fresh Supermarket at Sunnybank. This Asian grocery store stocks everything from asian groceries, vegetables, spices and sauces, homemade foods, beverages and even confectionary, (who doesn’t love those little hello panda cookies).

Next stop Japan and and for all your Japanese groceries needs there is the The Genki Mart at Alderley.

Oh so sorry there was a continent that I forgot, North America and the good Old USA. Now while you can find the odd item here and there in some deli’s around town, I have found that most things are just as easy to find at USA foods online. They stock just about everything USA and don’t take too long to deliver to your doorstep.

Whatever it is you are looking for I hope these few ideas will help you on your way and may even help you find that little bit of home you have been looking for.

Happy Eating


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