How to do Ikea the easy way!!

So, you have landed in Australia so excited to be here, your furniture has arrived and you realize you just need a little something to help make your house a home.

A great place to go is IKEA, it is world wide, so you know what you are going to get and they certainly have something for everyone.  The next thing you do is groan out loud and flip a coin to see, who is going to go and who is going to assemble the flat pack that you are bringing home.  Pretty soon the excitement is gone and you are feeling less than enthusiastic.

Don’t despair, there is help at hand!!

Firstly jump on the IKEA website, pick out the items you need and find out if they are in stock or not. Find out which aisle and area they are in. Now when you arrive at IKEA if you really want to do this absolutely painlessly without the 3 km walk through the store (especially if you have little ones with you!!) you can pop straight into the warehouse area by going backwards through a checkout. Then nip to the aisle and area you need and load up the items you wish to purchase and straight back to the checkout.  I have shopped like this in IKEA and major purchases have been made while my husband is in the car with the kids. EASEY PEASEY!!!

The next thing you can do is have the items delivered to your home, IKEA has a service desk that will organize this for you. Or you can contact your own help to come and get it for you, one company that do this is The Van that Can So not the arduous journey you thought it was going to be.

And we all know that when we actually get the furniture home the fun doesn’t always stop there either , but thankfully there are several guys around Brisbane who will actually come and put it all together for you 🙂 , happy days indeed

A few of these are

Flat Pack Pro

Petes Flat Pack Assembly

Can do Assembly

A little bit of pre-planning and you still have most of the day to go to the beach, which lets face it is not far from the IKEA warehouse.

A little trick if you happen to have an ABN (Australian Business Number) you can actually order, pay and have everything delivered from the comfort of your home or business just by setting up an IKEA business account.

Hope this information helps make your next shopping trip to IKEA a little easier.

Much love

The Joy Girls




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