How a Cover Letter Can Make Your Resume Shine

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So we have the amazing Kylie giving her great advice on how to write a cover letter which these days is a must to add to your resume 

How a Cover Letter Can Make Your Resume Shine!

“Should I bother with a Cover Letter?” – is something that I am often asked.  Sometimes, it will be an obvious requirement in the position description and sometimes it won’t be mentioned at all. 

Washingpost recently reported that 75% of surveyed data from “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” agreed “A well-written cover letter can improve the odds of a less-qualified applicant obtaining an interview.”

In all instances, I would encourage job seekers to submit a targeted Cover Letter with their Resume. It is a great opportunity to highlight how you align with the job requirements and draw attention to relevant content, academic qualifications and career achievements. 

In most cases, the recruiter knows nothing about you so this is your chance to include your best and brightest information to shine. 

Keeping in mind, the purpose of the Cover Letter is to entice the reader to read your Resume. It allows you to make a personal connection with the reader and clearly articulate why they should hire you.

Here are my top tips for creating captivating cover letters:

You will find plenty of useful information in job advertisements. Analyse the job advertisement and align your cover letter with their requirements.

If the advertisement states a position title and organisation, use LinkedIn to correctly search for, identify and personalise the contact information for your Cover Letter. 

As well as technical skills and competencies, cultural fit in an organisational is a contributing factor in the recruitment process. Review the company website site and align your behavioural skills with the company values.

Maintain relevance and alignment with the position advertisement and what you can offer them. Remember the Cover Letter is not about you, it is about what you can offer the opportunity.

Ensure the appropriate length and format.  I generally use a 1 Page format unless it is specified otherwise.

Make sure that any content mentioned in your Cover Letter is further supported in your Resume.

TOP TIP: Print the job advertisement and highlight in one colour the behavioural competencies (these will be things like communication skills and team work) and another colour to highlight technical skills (these are the actual things you will do) and then match these up in your Cover Letter.

A strong Cover Letter will leave the reader wanting to read your Resume so they can understand more about you and what you can offer.

Kylie Chown is a Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), Reach Certified Social Branding Analyst and consultant with more than 10 years of experience. Her expertise lies in working with clients to ignite their career and elevate their online and offline presence. For more information, please see

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