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House rental is a first stop for most of us when we first arrive .

We all arrive after having completed this massive mission, of packing up wherever you’ve come from, saying goodbye to people we love and undertaking a long journey to get here . Yep nowhere is close to Brisbane really, lets be honest 🙂

And now its time to house hunt Gulp !

If you are buying a house straight away check out our guide to house buying

For most of us we need to rent first. Now for some of you coming with a company move, you may have a rental place all lined up.

But for others you will need to find a place and maybe even 2 places, the first being somewhere to live for the first few weeks whilst you find a longer term rental and the second being the place you live for several months whilst you look for somewhere to buy !

Some great places to check for short term rentals are the Short Stay Network and Airbnb 

Longer term rentals are the places that can go quite quickly once they hit the market a couple of great places to look for these are.

Rentals express

You will need to be organised with all your documentation ready to go when you go house rental hunting and this is what you’ll need.

. First you make an application with the rental agent

. Proof of employment or income

. Copies of your passport, drivers licence, birth certificates

. 2 references from a previous agent/ lessor  if you have them

. You will need to pay 4 weeks rent as your bond and 2 weeks rent in advance

It can be tricky trying to work out where you want to live and proximity to the CBD and to trains and buses etc, we have a guide to the suburbs here in Brisbane with an overview of each one which you may find helpful if you click here

Rentals are often unfurnished which can cause a bit of a dilema, as your furniture will most probably still be on a container making its way here across the ocean . But don’t panic ! 🙂 this is just going to be a short term adventure, so if you can look at it in that light and have the attitude of fun and excitement ( even if you don’t necessarily feel it ). Then this will flow through to the rest of the family . This truly is just a quick stop on the road to making a home here 🙂

You can go down the avenue of actually renting furniture and this can work well if you have the budget for it , there are several companies here in Brisbane that do a great job Valiant  and Pabs being a couple of them, I would definitely advise only renting bare necessities though such a beds , sofa table and chairs to keep the costs down.

If you want to go the camping route,you can get creative and this won’t cost you the earth.  I would go with some inflatable beds and some cheap duvets from KMart or Big W or Target who sell them quite reasonably, and you will then have these as spare when your stuff arrives. And if you did manage to pack a few of the kiddies favourite things in your airfreight,  as we mentioned in our house moving blog, then now is the time to get them out and make their bedrooms feel a little more familiar. Also any of those favourite kitchen items you may have brought in airfreight too. Look at buying one set of cutlery and one set of dishes and just know that you will be washing them up frequently, but thats ok !

If you need to buy new appliances then go ahead and chose the ones you will actually want in your new home . An awesome website for appliances is, we have used them for most of our major purchases and they have been great !

Do consider, when choosing a rental property, that location will be important if your kids will be going to the state school, as you will need to rent in the catchment area of your school of choice . But this will give you a good glimpse into living there, if you then go ahead and buy something in that area .

With rentals we have always gone with location over love of the home, as we truly try to keep in mind that this is just temporary! and as long as it works practically then go for it, as all too often good houses for rent in good suburbs will go quickly .

When you do first move in, remember to tell the agent of any issues you find straight away , such as marks on the wall or carpets or anything that doesn’t work . We have always then taken pictures of whatever that may be, so when we come to move out and the house is inspected you can show that these were already in the house when you moved in .

Also make sure you keep in contact with the agent during your time in the house, and  keep them informed of any issues you maybe having such as maintenance issues so these again don’t become huge issues when you move out.

It can be hard living in a rental with a family as you can become overly conscious of not destroying the home ( can you tell we had a little boy 😉 ) But we have always tried to respect any home we have stayed in and treated it as if it were our own ( But NO sharpies allowed !!! 🙂 )

So once you’re settled in this rental then the you can start the process of getting settled here in beautiful Brisbane.


The Joy Girls xx


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