Homesickness is such a huge one for so many of us, and it actually doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, homesickness can just get you, and make you feel so blue.

That longing for people, family, friends, old traditions, familiar food and seasons. Especially being here in sunny Queensland.

Homesickness can be so unsettling for many that they will return home.

It can actually feel like a form of grief which in actual fact it is, as you’ve said goodbye to so many things and relationships.

For many of us that realisation that you’ve left it all behind, can be so overwhelming, as you spend time looking back at what you miss, the food you once ate, the shops you visited, the places you went, the friends that you had and the family you saw. We can definitely go through all the stages of grief in one way or another and as with grief this is different for everyone, and for some this is just too much.

I can remember so clearly days when we have moved that I have wanted to just turn around and jump back on a plane and go home as it’s just all too hard and I just miss my old life so much.

It can be so isolating and lonely, that you end up spending hours on FB or face time, or Skyping old friends and family as otherwise you just have no one to talk to.

You are not alone in how you feel ! and its very normal and part of the whole relocation package which we can overlook in the excitement of preparing for a whole new life.

Here are some tips for dealing with homesickness but I have always found it can take at least 1 yr to be able to start looking forward to not to be looking back and comparing the whole time, and after 2 yrs we have found that we truly start to feel at home. So hang in there lovelies its not an easy road but it can be done.

. Get out there and get involved!

.If you have kids get them involved in activities and then become that crazy parent who chats to everyone ( yep thats me the crazy blonde who talks to everyone ). Join the tuckshop rota or volunteer to go into the class room or work in the uniform shop. If you don’t have kids with you then join a church, join a gym, join a cycling group, a painting group, a golf club, volunteer, whatever it is, find a way to meet people. This is one of those times to just go for it, there are far more people than you may think who are looking for friendship and even if you’re painfully shy, you’ll be amazed at who you can find to chat to. If your kids are finding it hard check out our relocating with kids for some tips

. Make new traditions !

.It can be hard on birthdays and holidays especially if you’ve done the same thing for years and years or eaten the same meal for years on a special day. Now is the time to mix it up and do something totally different make new traditions. Yes its not the same here ! and theres no way around that and so trying to recreate what you had back home isn’t going to work and will only make you feel worse. Maybe eat seafood at Christmas instead of turkey, or maybe bring new friends in on an old tradition, such as if your from the USA or Canada throw a thanksgiving party and introduce your new friends to what you know. And as such bring in a new twist on an old tradition.

. Get outside and explore

Get outside and discover this amazing place you have moved to. Be a tourist in your new home town ! When we 1st moved to Florida we did everything that Florida had to offer, we had a long list on the fridge of what and where we wanted to go and did them, crossing them off as we went. The more you just sit inside and feel sad, the worse things will feel, as you just think about all that you are missing back home, we have loads of things to do here in Queensland so get out and explore

Don’t sit on Facebook all day long

Yep this can be a hard one but don’t keep looking back everyday at what your friends and family are doing back home. I don’t mean don’t stay in touch, but I mean don’t look back so much that you forget to look forward. This can be different for everyone but for me its helped at times to have limits to how much time I spend Facetiming or skyping friends and family as it can be too upsetting. Maybe set yourself time limits or have a weaning off process . There is a definite balance, as its really important to stay in touch with those you love. But to make a new life here you need to invest in new friendships.

. Its OK to have a good old cry

Yep it can be hard, really really hard and its good to have a good old cry if you need it! we’ve all been there. But If you start to feel that your feelings are starting to become too overwhelming, its ok to ask for help from a professional and a good GP will be able to refer you to someone to talk to.

. Make a plan for when visitors go home

This is always a really tough one when your visitors go home. You’ve been looking forward to it for so long and waiting and dreaming and they come and you have the best time. Then they have to leave !!! And this can just break you heart ( yep been there !!! ) There’s no quick fix for this, but a handy tip is plan things for when they have gone, book a meal out, book in a day trip. Book in a coffee date. Just book some things on your calendar for the next few weeks after they have gone

Everyone copes with feeling homesick in different ways and there is no right or wrong way to feel, its just hard, and its ok to admit it!

But don’t feel alone, get out there and make some new friends.

Hang in there lovelies


The Joy Girls xxx





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