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Where to eat in Bali? The answer is simple, EVERYWHERE. The thing I love the most about Bali is you can find any type of food your heart desires and I can quite honestly say we have never had a bad eating experience there.

The best thing is if you want to spend $100 on a meal or $2 you can and still have an amazing meal. In Bali there are plenty of upmarket restaurants to go to, I would suggest however for the more upmarket ones to make a booking. Most times you can book a couple of days prior and you shouldn’t have a problem getting a table, but if you do, don’t worry there are plenty more fish in the sea.

On our last visit we decided to do some restaurant hopping and just had something small at several restaurants one night which was awesome. Doing this we found some great spots that we then decided to go back to have a full meal.

Every time we visit Bali there are always new restaurants, old restaurants that don’t exist anymore and of course the ones that have stood the test of time and are still there and have been for years.

Here are a couple of tips if you have never visited Bali before. You will see plenty of restaurants with bowls of food in the windows, this is called a Padang Restaurant and a lot of locals will eat at these. Be warned though, the food sits in the window all day and they just bring what you want to your table you help yourself then the dish goes back in the window ready for the next customer. In saying this we have eaten at restaurants like this and have never been sick, we always think, why not give it a go, it’s all part of the adventure.

It is also quite safe to order drinks and water in any of the restaurants. The water is always bottled and just make sure any ice in your drinks has a hole in it which is the best way to know that they have purchased the ice and it is safe to drink.

Anyway back to the food. A great way to eat cheap is to eat at any of the local Waroengs. They serve traditional food at bargain prices. If you can, go to Warung Yogya In Legian. This place has just local ladies working in the kitchen and the food is outstanding. We actually went back a couple of times to eat and the grand total of our bill including drinks and two courses each was $11. Don’t be put off by the look of the place, the food is amazing. It is easy to find, look for a line of people trying to get a table just up from the Aussie sports bar on JL Padma Utara. A good tip if you want the fried chicken is to go early as by dinner time it has all sold out and make sure you try the Nasi Goreng, best I have ever had.


There are also a lot of street vendors selling food. We stopped and watch a young boy one afternoon getting ready for the evening rush. He was making Banana fritters. He was so methodical at getting everything ready and cooked to pop in his little cart to sell. This is where you will find lots of locals eat on their way home after work as it is super cheap and is their version of takeaway. We couldn’t help ourselves after watching him prepare the fritters so decided to try them and they were fantastic at the grand sum of 20 cents each.

Now we have our favourites that of course we always go back to but we do also try and get to a few new places each trip.

Some of the tried and tested ones we can recommend are:
Merah Putih – Modern Indonesian
Sarong – Regional Indonesian Cuisine
La luciola – Italian a great restaurant to go and sit and watch the sunset right on the beach.

Gnocchi Tasting plate Zucchini fritters

Warung Bonita (awesome beef Rendang)
Warung Yogya – Indonesian
La Baracca – Italian run by two Italian brothers making food the way there mum cooked it for them, OUTSTANDING!!
Barbacoa – Latin American Tapas
Nirvana (it is owned by an Australian named Neil we met and always run into when we visit. The food is great and they have entertainment at night which the kids. Anything from fire dancing, magicians and even a beetles band. They also have packs for little ones to colour and draw while you are eating) you have to try the volu vents and the nasi campur!!!!!!! If you are in the mood after your meal, your husband can duck next door to the Newly opened Nirvana Bar and watch the latest footy game and you can pop upstairs to the Nirvana Spa. Yep that is what is so awesome about Bali anything goes, spa’s in restaurants, we even go to a restaurant in Seminyak solely because it has a pool and the kids can swim and then sit on the chairs in the water and eat at the edge of the pool.
Naughty Nuris Warung – Famous for their ribs, just remember they only do their ribs on Sunday’s. You can’t book here so get there early if you don’t want to queue for an hour, however we went for lunch and got a table pretty quickly.
Taco beach Grill – Inspired Mexican Cuisine (can’t go past the suckling pig crispy tacos) They are now in two locations!!!
Chandi – Modern Indonesian
Ku de ta and Potato Head – These two are Beach Clubs that have amazing menus and cocktails which you can enjoy while sitting by the pool watching the ocean with the beautiful people.
Grocer and Grind (Great café for breakfast and coffee)
Sisterfields (Great Café for breakfast and coffee)
Bali Catering Company (Another one great for breakfast and coffee)

(A lot of these restaurants you will find in the area they call eat street which is on JL Laksmana and is also known as JL Oberoi)

If you are going to venture to Ubud, and if you have a driver, just ask them to take you to Ibu Oka, a restaurant that does babi guling (suckling pig), it will blow your mind. Also if you are heading down to Jimbaran Bay you have to watch the sunset at one of the seafood restaurants that are right on the beach, you actually sit at your table with your feet in the sand. Now we always go to the Southern Seafood Beach Grills which are near the Intercontinental Resort, we have eaten at Teba Mega Café several times. At these restaurants you go out the back and pick your seafood and then they roast it over coconut husks while basting with Lime and spices, the flavour is amazing. Just make sure when you pick your seafood that you have a full bottle of water with you. As you are buying your seafood by weight it pays to check the accuracy of the scales. Unfortunately you will sometimes come across dodgy scales and as you want to make sure you are getting the correct weight, in saying that, the prices are very cheap.

Jimbaran Food

One of the other great things is there is a quartet of local guys that come around while you are eating and for a donation will play and sing for you. Now I can’t guarantee they will know all the words of a song you request or even know the song but they are great guys and it really makes the night fun. Make sure you request Land Down Under they can really rock this one and one of my all time favourites Johnny Cash Burning Ring of Fire!!!!!!

Now if you don’t have breakfast included in your accommodation, or you just want a change, there are now some fabulous places for breakfast that are amazing and make you feel like you are back home ordering fabulous eggs benedict, real coffee and fresh pastries and juices. We love the fresh juices in Bali and you have to try the papaya juice. Not sure how they make their juices but they are amazing. If you are a coffee drinker you might struggle to find that perfect cup but there are places popping up everywhere that seemed to have mastered the art of good coffee. We also go to the Bali catering company in Petitenget and Seminyak. Not only have they got great coffee, the milkshakes are awesome too. Try the vanilla, they actually have real vanilla beans in them.

That brings us to the end of this blog. I have really only touched the surface, but if you have any other great places to eat at please let us know. Also if you have any questions please send them in and we will do our best to answer them.


The Joy Girls xx

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