Holidaying in Bali, Day Spas

Holidaying in Bali, well you can’t go to Bali and not go to a day spa at least once. They are everywhere and the prices vary anywhere from $6 – $100.

They can come to you or you can go to them. Check with the staff where you are staying they maybe able to arrange someone to come to you and generally will have a menu available for you to choose from.

Our kids love this. We had Ayu and Illuh (our maids) look after them while we were out and about and we arranged for the girls to have manicures and pedicures and our son had a massage. They thought it was awesome.

Now they are a bit older our eldest daughter loves coming with me to the spas for treatments as well. You can have anything done from a thousand different massages, body scrubs, facials, manicures, pedicures, ear candles, we have had haircuts and treatments and off course the obligatory (which personally I have never done but the kids have) put your feet in a fish tank full off little fish that have a field day on your feet.

Spa Feet
The only thing I can give you advice on is make sure you check whether the prices are in Rupiah or US Dollars. We did make this mistake one year and we had a consdierable bill when we thought the prices were Rupiah and they were not.

Generally you don’t have to book anywhere, occasionally you might not be able to get in somewhere but don’t panic if you can’t there will be somewhere next door or down the road that will get you in. Don’t be put off by the front of the shop because most times this is just where you pay and they will lead you off out the back and into a little oasis of palm trees, water feautres and treatment rooms.

My best advice is to have something done everyday even twice a day (which I am guilty of) and enjoy.

Blessings the Joy Girls xx

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