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So a new topic for us here at Joy but one so many of us face

How many of us have had to rush in with a sick kiddy and then ended up staying for few days with nothing we need.

So we have the beautiful Becky, from Help my child’s in Hospital, which is the most amazing resource book ever if you have kids !

Becky spent many years in and out of hospitals with their very sick 4th child, and her book is full of really helpful tips for how to cope and deal with what can be a very stressful time for all concerned. Today she’s giving us some awesome tips incase of an emergency admission and what to grab and pack in a bag to take with you.

When there is an emergency with your child, if you have a few minutes grab these things listed it can be a massive help. If you have no time, these lists are awesome to be able to ask a friend, spouse/partner or neighbour to grab for you and to bring in. And at those times of high stress having a list can be awesome for everyone involved, as just takes one thing off the list of stresses !

First up Emergency admission

Arriving by Ambulance

If you arrive at the casualty department in an ambulance then things will happen very fast. Keep calm and don’t get in the way of the medical staff, but stay close enough to your child to make sure they are ok and that they know you are there with them. Speak up if your child needs anything or if they tell you something and the medical staff haven’t noticed, for example if they are cold .

Don’t give your child anything to eat or drink unless you have checked first, in case they need surgery. Instead, try your best to distract them from what is going on around them: sing songs, read books, make up a story, play on your phone or even blow up surgical gloves into balloons. Do whatever it takes to distract them from their circumstances.

Arriving by other means

Whenever travelling to casualty, remember that safety is always the most important thing. If driving, try to get someone else to drive while you sit in the back with your sick or injured child.

Arriving at the hospital can be daunting. We nearly all think that our child is the one who needs the fastest medical attention, but you have to trust the staff to asses the situation and put your child on the list accordingly. The triage nurse will do this, checking your child’s condition and the severity of the situation, before placing you on the list to wait for a doctor.

Talk calmly to the triage nurse even though you will be feeling totally stressed, provide all the information that you can about your child. They should deal with immediate concerns quickly, providing pain relief, ice, and sick bags if necessary.

Waiting in casualty

This can be a very stressful time, as you don’t know what to expect and you have a distressed child who is either very unwell or has had an accident and is in a lot of pain.

It’s really important to stay calm as you may have to wait for quite a while. Casualty is a place where it’s very easy to feel disempowered as a parent; things are happening all around you and for the best part you haven’t got a clue what’s going on. It’s important to trust the medical staff, but also important to take cues from your child and trust your parental gut feeling.

Remember you are there as your childs advocate, you are there to be their strength and help in any way possible. It’s ok to ask questions, but do so in a friendly way, not aggressively the staff are there to help your child.

Try to keep your child calm as much as possible, if your child sees you panicking then this will upset and distress them, try to keep your concern away from your child and make it into an exciting adventure.

If you are rushing into hospital, take a few minutes to grab these things

For you

Any Medications you use

Medicare card

Healthcare cards

Tissues/wet wipes

Money for carpark and vending machines

Bottle of water and something to eat such as a muesli bar

Any toiletries needed for you

Spare T-shirt in case they throw up on you

A book, magazine or tablet

Mobile phone and charger

For Child

Any medication they need

Nappies and formula/bottles if needed

Water bottle or cup with a lid/straw

Empty ice-cream container/ bowel and old towel for the car in case they are sick

Spare set of clothes, in case they are sick on the ones they are wearing

Jumper as it does get cold

Comfort blanket/teddy or favourite toy

Something to entertain them or for them to watch tablet or laptop

Story books

Bag 2 incase you end up staying overnight

Toothbrush and toothpaste for you and child

Extra set of clothes

Anything your child needs to sleep at night such a favourite cuddly toy or book

Face wipes


Comfortable pants and t-shirt for you

Food such as couple of muesli bars, sandwich etc

Earplugs and mobile device anything to help block the noise out at night as it can be really noisy in hospitals !!.

Thanks so much Becky 🙂 she has much more advice to offer on emergency admissions as well as all aspects on hospitals with kiddies so make sure you check out her book

So peeps if you end up in an emergency situation our thoughts and prayers are with you, make sure you know where all the hospitals are here in Brisbane check our blog here to find the one closest to you.


The Joy Girls xxx



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