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This is not as exciting as some of our other blogs, but when you relocate from overseas it can be a little tricky to understand how it all works.

If you are only relocating temporarily then you will already have overseas health insurance and you can stop reading this blog.

However if you are relocating permanently then this is for you.

Once you are eligible for Medicare you can cancel you overseas cover and apply for cover here in Australia, with one of the dozens of health insurance company’s we have.

You really need to do your research and choose a company that offers benefits that will suit your family’s needs. For example you maybe just starting a family so you will need to have obstetrics cover on your policy, but you need to be aware of the waiting periods that apply for obstetrics, with some funds there is a 12 month waiting period, so if you are thinking about starting a family now is a good time to add obstetrics to your cover.

A lot of funds also when you join will have a 12 month waiting period on all pre-existing illnesses/conditions and sometimes there may also be a 3 month waiting period on anything that is not pre-existing.

Some funds will waive the three-month waiting period if you are transferring from another fund or may even waive it if you are joining for the first time as an incentive to join their company.

There are dozens of exclusions on different types of cover so you really need to read the fine print and make sure you are covered for everything applicable to you at your stage of life. i.e joint replacement and cardiac surgery, these types of surgery if you are not likely to need at your stage of life can also save you money on your premiums if you have them excluded.

I know of one fund where people have thought they were covered for everything and they had exclusions on just about everything except emergency knee surgery and a couple of other surgeries.

You can purchase health insurance that only has hospital cover which will make it a little cheaper, or the other option is to have optional extras which also has varying degrees of levels on the policy.

Extras are things like dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic, optometry and even some pharmaceuticals are covered.

You should always check when visiting any allied health professional to see if their service is covered by you health insurance company. All allied health services are not covered by Medicare.

Do check out our blog on medicare here in Australia which explains how The Australian healthcare system works.

Sarah here, just adding my quick thoughts, when we arrived our daughter was 13 and we were heading into braces so that was one of top priorities for what was included. so for the 1st few years we specifically made sure that orthodontics was included and now this year we have changed and dropped that part of our cover. But is was really important for us as teeth are not cheap !! Ok back to Jo xx

I wanted to keep this blog short so I didn’t confuse you with all the in’s and outs of health insurance here. So if you are looking for health insurance the best thing to do is start researching. A great site to check out is iselect they can do quotes for you from various funds that will suit your budget.

Also just as some extra information for you, Iselect also can help you find great prices on car Insurance, Electricity Providers, House Insurance and Broadband Providers.

Ambulance cover

Another important thing to know is ambulance cover in Queensland, you are covered by a fee that we pay automatically in our electricity bills, and you also have ambulance cover with some health insurances. So no need to pay for extra for ambulance cover. 🙂


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